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8 Signs You Have Met A Soul Mate - Relations
8 Signs You Have Met A Soul Mate - Relations

Video: 8 Signs You Have Met A Soul Mate - Relations

Video: 8 Signs You Have Met A Soul Mate - Relations
Video: 5 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate 2023, March

Each of us wants to find one or the very one with whom it will be good together. “And in grief and joy,” “they lived happily ever after,” etc. It sounds fabulous, but how to understand that a person with whom a relationship began only recently is close in spirit? Indeed, it is at the beginning of the novel that the lovers are blinded, they see only good in each other. It turns out that there are several signs of a spiritual relationship, and by analyzing your relationship, you can answer the question of whether your partner is your "soul mate."

Signs that you've met a soul mate

1. Common values and priorities

If your partners have completely different ideas about such important things as family, politics, religion, morality, career, it will be very difficult for you to build long-term relationships. Conflicts will arise sooner or later, perhaps they will be insurmountable. Consider if you want to devote your life to quarrels and forced compromises. And can such a life be called a union of kindred souls.

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2. Comfort and tranquility

Of course, looking forward to meeting the person we like, we feel awe and excitement. But don't confuse these happy feelings with the feelings of anxiety and anxiety that come with a relationship with the wrong partner. If you are constantly afraid of criticism, your "inappropriateness", if you are uncomfortable and you are accompanied by feelings of guilt and shame, most likely you have not met "your" person yet.

3. Sexual attraction

“How shocked”, “I can't take my eyes off”, “we held hands, and tenderness covered me” - this is how really close people describe their feelings. Of course, spiritual kinship is very valuable for living together, but without sex it will be friendship, not a couple's relationship. Attraction, contentment, mutual understanding in bed, the desire to please each other are an important component of a harmonious union.

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4. Support in difficult situations

In life, every now and then there are some unpleasant events: financial losses, illness, conflicts with friends, relatives or colleagues. And the mood of the partners is not always cloudless. It makes sense to pay attention to how your chosen one manifests himself in such moments. Will he limit himself to the phrase: “Well, get well! Call when it gets better "," Nothing terrible happened, so I had a case … ". Such a cold, detached response from a partner cannot give a feeling of closeness. And your soul mate will always guess, feel what kind of support you are waiting for. Sometimes it is enough to keep quiet nearby, hug or bring hot tea.

5. You laugh at some jokes

It is not only in difficult and sad moments that true closeness manifests itself. A similar sense of humor also unites. If you are lucky enough to meet the person with whom you laugh together, you can be congratulated. But if you are confused or outraged by your partner's jokes or he does not understand the jokes you have told, you like various comedies, alas, you cannot be called soul mates.

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6. Trust and openness

When partners are not afraid to share intimate thoughts with each other, stories from the past, doubts and experiences, fantasies and dreams - all this suggests that their relationship is trusting. Constant control, jealousy, secrecy, insecurity are signs of disunity. If your chosen one does not enter into an open dialogue, but instead takes an accusatory, aggressive or defensive position, you can hardly call him your loved one.

7. Communication in joy

Soul mates long for each other. Partners always have something to talk about, something to do together (it's not just about sex). Such people share their feelings and enjoy it. Of course, such communication does not happen 24/7, and complete merging is impossible, and not necessary, but the very craving for emotional contact indicates closeness. It is not at all necessary to be physically nearby all the time: telephone conversations, correspondence in instant messengers also give a feeling of involvement and interest in each other.

8. Planning for a common future

The partners have similar ideas about how their relationship will develop. If you are thinking and planning for tomorrow, and in a year, and "until the end of life" in the "we" category, most likely this indicates that you are both in tune with each other. Of course, at the peak of falling in love, each person can dream of a joint future (and this is especially typical for girls), but for truly kindred souls such thoughts and conversations do not pass over time.

Not all strong alliances are based on soul kinship. Sometimes "they came together - water and stone, poetry and prose, ice and fire." But it is important to realize what unites you with the chosen one, what you can count on in your relationship, whether you should expect spiritual closeness from the person who is your opposite

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