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How To Start Living In A New Way In The New Year? 7 Secrets Of Fulfilling Desires - Self-development
How To Start Living In A New Way In The New Year? 7 Secrets Of Fulfilling Desires - Self-development

Video: How To Start Living In A New Way In The New Year? 7 Secrets Of Fulfilling Desires - Self-development

Video: How To Start Living In A New Way In The New Year? 7 Secrets Of Fulfilling Desires - Self-development
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"They say, on New Year's Eve, whatever you wish, everything will always happen, everything always comes true." This verse reflects the world view of a five-year-old child from a caring family. Only under such conditions any wishes always come true. And in other cases, the wishes made for the New Year are not fulfilled. Why is this happening and, most importantly, what can be done to change the situation for the better?

We will reveal seven secrets of the successful fulfillment of New Year's wishes

Secret # 1. Just wanting is pointless. We need to set goals and make plans

Only old man Hottabych could mentally formulate a desire, pull a hair out of his beard - and that was the hat. We are not magicians, we need to transform dreams into specific goals and make plans for how we will gradually move towards these goals.

Secret # 2. Goals should be yours

"Of course, how could it be otherwise ?!" - you say. In fact, we often do not strive for our goals. Whose? There are options here. After watching commercials, having read the gloss, being impressed by the photos on Instagram, you might want "that I have the same as (substitute the name of any person)."

Another option not your goal is the desire to meet the expectations of parents or other loved ones. For example, a husband wants to see his wife as an ambitious career woman - and she can go to study for an MBA, although in her heart she wants to do housework, raising children and drawing as a hobby.

Most likely, the desire to achieve something that is not your goal will not end well. Either you give up this business halfway through, or you will reach the end - and you will find that you have wasted your time, effort and other resources.

Thinking about what you want next year, set yourself only your own goals - important for you, in accordance with your value system.

Secret # 3. Goals must be achievable

You can, if you like, set a goal of "achieving Bill Gates' income," but it's better to be realistic. The goal of "climbing Everest" is in principle achievable if you are already an experienced climber who has conquered the "seven-thousanders". If you are still struggling to overcome the wall at the climbing wall, then choose a modest target. Having reached it, put a new one, more difficult.

Secret number 4. The path to the goal should be broken down into stages

To the question "How to eat an elephant?" the correct answer is "Piece by piece." “Moving to a new apartment,” “changing jobs,” are great goals, but you must have a clear understanding of what steps you will take on your way to them, one by one.

Secret number 5. Think over motivation

90% of all good beginnings from running in the morning to learning a foreign language quickly end due to lack of motivation. Answer your questions very clearly: “Why do I need to achieve this goal? What will it give me? What's the point of this? Remember: on the way to your goal, you will want to give up everything many times! And there must be powerful motivation to keep you moving forward. Think it over in advance.

Secret # 6. Create yourself a support group

“It is difficult for a person when he is alone,” wrote Vladimir Mayakovsky. Yoga and drawing, a foreign language and landscape design - everywhere it is easier to move forward if there are like-minded people who understand you, support you, with whom you can share difficulties and achievements. Find the right companions for you.

Secret # 7. Visualize the achievement of the goal

In a calm, quiet environment, closing your eyes, mentally "enter" the situation when your goal has been successfully achieved. What do you see, hear, feel? What are your thoughts, emotions? What's your mood? Congratulate yourself and praise yourself for your success! Feel strong, successful, happy.

Back in reality, ask yourself, “What did the experience of successfully achieving a goal give me? Did I get hints on how to get to her faster? What else do I need or need for this?"