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Why Is It Important Not To Jump Into Sex Right After The First Date? - Relationship, Sex
Why Is It Important Not To Jump Into Sex Right After The First Date? - Relationship, Sex

Video: Why Is It Important Not To Jump Into Sex Right After The First Date? - Relationship, Sex

Video: Why Is It Important Not To Jump Into Sex Right After The First Date? - Relationship, Sex
Video: Can Sex on the First Date Lead to a Relationship? 2023, March

If you look at trends in relationship building, you can see two striking directions:

  • be relaxed and have sex even on the first date;
  • check the man as long as possible.

Who is right and what to do? What are you doing? Have you wondered why this is exactly what you do? What drives you? How do you feel about this issue? Are you looking for advice from others, or do you have a clear, concrete position of your own? I do not know what to do for you, but I want to tell you about the second direction not from the side of checking a man. For many, this is difficult and many are afraid of offending a man with this.

Why you shouldn't do "it" on the first date

Often not even on the fifth. Aside from taking care of your physical health, I think everyone knows about AIDS, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. If you are one of those who are not in the subject - study this question. But even in this case, this is not a stone in the garden for those who are HIV +, this is about what a sex partner should know and agree to have sex. If you are thinking about physical health, go to emotional.

Many also know about the attitude of most girls to sex. I mean that for many girls, women, sex is more than a body movement, it is an act of trust. Someone has it unconscious, but parting after having sex is much more difficult than if it was not.

Now let's move on to the question of the need for sex. Why should it be the first time now? Are you sad? Do you want to get a man at any cost? Do you want to be liked? Are you ashamed that others can be light and relaxed, but you are not? If the answer is yes, you better refuse.

Time must pass between acquaintance and first sex. Because not every person can build a relationship. About someone you understand immediately, does not pull. And about someone you will need time to figure it out. We deal with situations with clients, why didn't the relationship work? Why did they start for health and end for peace? We go back to the very beginning and consider what happened, how events developed. We always find places where, almost from the first date, it is clear how it will end, if … There are a lot of interesting things in this, but, as a rule, if it sounds like this: " A person will not tell himself the truth, why does he need this relationship."

This is the hidden path of the relationship. If you need a person because you have an introject “everyone needs to get married”, you will betray yourself and endure, adjust to the other. What if you have? It is difficult to tell the truth to yourself and it is difficult to understand it about yourself, but you can look at other people and write down what you think about their relationship. Most likely, it will be with you.

For a long time, acquaintance will be needed in order to understand who is next to you? Is a relationship even possible in your couple? What roles will you play? Is dad a daughter? Is mom a son? Or will you immediately create a triangle and invite someone to the role of lover? Partner - partner? These roles also appear at the first meeting, and then they gain strength and bloom in a violent color.

I am in favor of talking first, and then sex. But not every person can withstand a long acquaintance. For many, sex is everything. It happened. The tension subsided, you can exhale, and then come what may. It is especially difficult to endure when they tell you "you are frigid", "wait, you will be alone" and so on in this spirit.

Think: what kind of relationship will happen next? If your partner is not ready to wait until you are ready, and one way or another, directly or indirectly speaks about it, why do you need such a person around? To chase him and indulge his whims?

Time is an important resource, I want not to waste it. But when it comes to sex, there is no need to rush. Both in the speed of convergence and in the process of action. The slower you are, the more emotions you experience. If you find it unbearable to stop, check your merging process. Do you exist as a person in this world, or do you not yet exist? Look for yourself, then it will not matter to you that the river is flowing, but you are sitting on the bank. If having time is important to you, look for something you can rely on to take that time for yourself.

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