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How To Please A Man? Where Do Women Get This Question And How Does It Affect Relationships - Relations
How To Please A Man? Where Do Women Get This Question And How Does It Affect Relationships - Relations

Video: How To Please A Man? Where Do Women Get This Question And How Does It Affect Relationships - Relations

Video: How To Please A Man? Where Do Women Get This Question And How Does It Affect Relationships - Relations
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How to please a man is one of the most popular questions for women. Videos on YouTube with such names are gaining millions of views. This is not surprising: many women think it depends on them what kind of relationship they have. If I am beautiful, intelligent, flexible, balanced, wise and further down the list, then that is why a man is with me. But if he left, then something is wrong with me. We urgently need to change something in ourselves. How do you think? Are you the root of all bad things in relationships? Do you have to please a man?

The correct answer is no. Should not. But psychologists cannot give correct answers. They don't have them. Everyone has their own situation, their own life, their relationships and their own choices. It's up to you to decide how you live. But if you have an idea that you need to adapt to someone, or that in a relationship one of the partners is more important and more important, and this makes you feel bad or the relationship does not work out, think about it. Question what you have now. Even if you have an ideal husband in all respects, doubt it. If you have discomfort, something is wrong. A relationship should be good for two.

Example. A woman loves flowers and is pleased when they are presented to her. Maybe she understands that she is important, maybe she was never given flowers on March 8, but she really wants to. Indeed, on this holiday, on any holiday, a person feels his loneliness most acutely. Maybe she just wants to brag to the whole world on Instagram that she has a wonderful man and for him is not an empty place of her desire. It is important that even if it is a matter of principle for him never to give flowers to anyone, he will give them to his woman on March 8th. And not because he is henpecked, but because what is important to her is important to him. It is important for him that she feels good, and not "me or flowers are more important to you?"

Sometimes men are not aware of what we love and what we want, as we are about their desires. It is important to speak directly about them. Telling about what you love, what is pleasant for you, ask directly. Or asking direct questions when your fantasy is playing out. And insist on a direct answer. The answer is no is also an answer.

Scheme: how to ask a question

  1. Ask a question.
  2. There are two answer options: a direct answer to your question and an abstract one about nothing.
  3. If your question was answered, but you didn't like it, this is the answer.
  4. If your teeth start to speak, repeat the question again.

Example 1

- What time will we meet tomorrow?

- AT 14:00.

This is the answer, regarding which you can build your future life and communication. To say whether it suits you or not. Offer your time.

Example 2

- What time will we meet tomorrow?

- After 14:00.

This answer that violates your boundaries. You cannot plan your time. You will sit and think, and this is what time? This is a direct manipulation. With such answers, it is important to clarify again or speak directly: I can at 14:30.

These are simple examples about the fact that women have their own desires. But under the pressure of society, "the clock is ticking" and the comments of men "you are a mercantile" woman begins to doubt herself. Often, she is already taught to consider a man as something more important and significant in her life. And without him she is nobody. Only he can prove otherwise. And women find this proof in the eyes of others. It is not for nothing that there is a saying "though a poor man, but mine."

So why is it so important for us to please a man?

Why do we understand all this, but we cannot stop? Because then it will be easy, you will not need to think about what you want ! There will be no need to answer the question "how do I want?" and "how do I like it?" And most importantly, you do not need to face the reality that your man does not care about how pleasant you are. And with the fact that you cannot say your desires out loud. You do not need, when you are refused, admit it and do something about it. If you were not told outright "no", you can pretend that you were not told. He just doesn't give flowers, he just doesn't have money. It's just not the most important thing now. And just a million more.

Why do you take care of yourself? Why do you read books? Why are you getting an education? Why are you looking for the answer to the question "how to please a man?" Tell your man how you can please you. Can you do it? Suddenly he will be grateful to you for it. Suddenly he will like that you love yourself. Suddenly, after you ask yourself the question “what is pleasant and pleasant for me?”, You will understand that the answer about a man should be sought not on the Internet, but in a dialogue with him. Maybe you enjoy talking to each other!

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