13 Silly Reasons To Agree To Marry - Relations
13 Silly Reasons To Agree To Marry - Relations

Video: 13 Silly Reasons To Agree To Marry - Relations

Video: 13 Silly Reasons To Agree To Marry - Relations
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It would seem that it could be simpler: you + he + love = wedding. What other reason could there be for getting married? But, as practice shows, after a certain time spent together, other, less obvious, but very stupid reasons why the girl agreed to marry begin to become clear.

In order not to find yourself in such a situation and you, I propose to take on board the top of 13 stupid reasons to say "yes" to him.

1. Age. Time passes and you are not getting younger. If you are 25/30/35 and so on, and you have never been married, this is a sign that something is wrong with you (according to the generally accepted opinion of our society). And everything would be fine if not these dropped phrases: "Here Marina is younger than you, and she has been married for 3 years already", "And what, your Seryozha still has not proposed to you?" Willy-nilly, you begin to believe that you really are not that kind and the idea of getting married becomes obsessive.

2. Grandchildren for parents. If you have a boyfriend, and your mother sighs more and more often about how much she already wants to suckle with the little one and what a wonderful grandmother is missing, the risk of breaking loose and getting married just to be left behind increases exponentially. When the wave of marriage hits you again, stop, take a deep breath and clearly realize what awaits you - a child for whose birth you were not ready, and marriage with a man for whom you do not have strong sincere feelings. Think whether your mother's sighs are worth your happiness?

3. Status “with her husband”. An unmarried woman is not needed by anyone, she is not full-fledged, lonely, unable to manage the household and make a man happy, and further down the list. Revelation of the day - in order to be valuable, a man will not help. This state must be cultivated within oneself.

4. Need a stamp. For many, a long life together is a good reason for getting married. Just think, why is the stamp so important to you? When you want a magnificent wedding, a holiday that will symbolize the transition of your relationship to a new level - this is one thing. And when you are worried about your status as an "unofficial wife" - another.

5. Money. This reason is probably the favorite among all. Very often, girls who marry for convenience do not think that the man himself is attached to this money - with his characteristics and character, with habits and mentality, which, possibly, will control to a penny where this money is spent.

6. The high position of parents. And again we are talking about two sides of the same coin. Answer yourself honestly, are you sure you are ready to live your life in an effort to match someone, deserve attention and approval?

7. Unexpected pregnancy. The times when childbirth outside of wedlock promised shame have long since sunk into oblivion. If you and your partner love each other, no stamp in your passport will affect your idyll. And if you decide to take advantage of your position, to manipulate a man, remember - such a strategy will not bring happiness either to you with your partner or to your unborn child.

8. For the company. A friend bought a new purse - and you want one. A friend is getting married - and you just need it. And your own desires and priorities are completely ignored. In vain.

9. Opportunity to get rich. On the holiday of the newlyweds, it is customary to give generous gifts. If wedding is your plan to get rich, you can forget about living in abundance. This is a 100% childish, consumer position, in which you will never build the desired reality.

10. No one else will call. Position “Agree! Who else will call you! " drove more than one female generation into a gray monotonous life. Do not fall into this trap, but rather learn to love yourself.

11. Revenge. If you are getting married in spite of your ex, in the hope that when he sees you in a wedding dress, he suddenly realizes whom he lost and throws himself off the bridge, think 100 times - you need it. Marrying a man who doesn't really interest you in order to annoy your ex - do you mind spending yourself and your life on it?

12. To prove your worth. Usually, this mistake overtakes girls with low self-esteem. They get married to prove to their relatives, friends that someone needs them and are capable of something. A person with a healthy intrinsic value understands that he is valuable by himself and without a stamp in his passport.

13. To start a new life. Often girls marry to break with their “dark past”. But wherever you go, even get married, you will not leave yourself and your life. It is much more environmentally friendly and efficient to work through exciting moments with a specialist and live in peace.

Strong, harmonious relationships don't need compelling reasons. All you need is mutual feelings and the desire to be happy next to each other. Therefore, drop all stereotypes and fears, and listen only to yourself.

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