Two Of A Kind. The Story Of How Shoes Helped Choose A Groom - Relations
Two Of A Kind. The Story Of How Shoes Helped Choose A Groom - Relations

Video: Two Of A Kind. The Story Of How Shoes Helped Choose A Groom - Relations

Video: Two Of A Kind. The Story Of How Shoes Helped Choose A Groom - Relations
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A series of correct choices made Irina's day happy …

She liked from time to time, walking through her apartment, to stop in front of a shoe shelf and see there, then still small, boots of her daughters, her husband's sneakers, her shoes, which peacefully "got on" nearby … And when the house was filled with relatives and friends, she, looking at the shoe shelf, I was delighted with how diverse the circle of her close people is …

When Irina was still a third-grader, on the eve of sports competitions for the honor of the school, her father brought her new sneakers. He solemnly put them on the dining table and said: "You will definitely win this competition, because these sneakers are happy, take and wear them." Since then, it so happened that some shoes in Irina's life acquired the status of happy. There were shoes for exams … Boots for diploma defense … Boots for interviews …

Over time, when Irina stopped believing in Santa Claus, she, of course, guessed that shoes cannot bring happiness. Although many women of fashion would not agree with her now.

Today she was expecting an unusual client. A few days ago, Irina received a call from her friend's adult daughter:

- Aunt Ira, I have a difficult situation: I'm entangled in men, I can't make a choice, I'm afraid to make a mistake, help me figure it out.

- Come, just put on your happy shoes.

-))) Good.

Psychologists try to avoid counseling relatives or friends. Some time ago Irina decided for herself this question in the following way - when you work with loved ones, just call on the help of a "serious mediator" - a reliable psychological tool. Today these were cards with the image of several dozen different shoes …

- Anechka, glad to see you! Nice shoes.

- Yes, my beloved. I chose them for a long time, so that the last was comfortable and the heel, and so that they did not rub and looked elegant on the leg.

- Are you satisfied with the choice?

- Yes very. I put them on, put on on important occasions. And I put it on today.

- Well, then let's deal with your difficulties, since it is so important for you today !. I want to suggest that you consider a few cards, or rather, a lot of cards, shoes are drawn on them. You need to try all your surroundings and associate yourself with the pictures, lay out the cards on the table as you wish. You can comment on your choice along the way, or you can first spread it out, and then tell what happened.


Layout of cards on the table

- Finished?

- Now I will lay it out more beautifully on the table so that everything becomes clear in general.

- Very nice! There are still a lot of cards left, almost two thirds, as if you don't want to add or remove anything?

- No. So it's all right.

- Well! Let's then see what you have chosen for yourself.

- For myself, I chose four cards: these are sneakers, they are light, mobile. Then the shoe and the shoe say that I can accept both formats of entertainment. I also chose ballet flats, because sometimes I want to feel like a little girl who is looked after and decisions are made for. And a crystal slipper, like Cinderella's, because I want to marry a prince.

- Yes, it is true, kediki is very similar to you, you always easily and quickly made decisions about entering Bauman University for the most difficult faculty, and then in the third year you decided to get a second higher education at the School of Economics, and then passed a competition at Microsoft, one of a hundred applicants from around the world. You have always surprised us, the sneakers are definitely you. The shoe is understandable, but the shoe … What kind of entertainment are we talking about?

- Aah, you don't know, Daniel and I go to the mountains. This summer we are planning our fifth trip, this time to Altai. We are in love with this. You have no idea how fascinating it is. Thinking over routes, choosing equipment … We live this all year round.

- Great! Do you go in a group?

- Yes, first in a group, and last year we tried it together, it was scary. But with Danya it turned out to be easy and fun, I felt myself under reliable protection. Although, to be honest, I was worried at first, I thought that we could not cope. But already on the second day I enjoyed the ascent. It's stunningly romantic and the nights on the high mountain pass are fabulous.

- Wonderful. Come on.

- Below are my dad and mom. Mom has all the heels, she is a business woman and I associate with such shoes. And dad has snowboard boots, although he does not ride, he is so cheerful, active. And there is also a shoe and a small shoe - that's me and dad. Well, you know my parents better than me.

- Yes. They are a great couple - a role model. Have they been together since high school?

- Yeah, from the ninth grade.

… In the upper left corner of my acquaintances, here they are definitely perfect for each other - he looks like rollers, and she looks like skates, always together, they even look alike. They never part and do not bother each other.

- Would you like that?

- Probably not. I would like to be like Yin and Yang, obviously masculine and clearly feminine … like in Dani's picture - Ballet and Boot.

- Clear.

- Further, to the right - my school friend Lena, she is so sweet, feminine, we love to walk in the parks, she even has similar shoes. Even more to the right - Olya, she does, it seems to me, all kinds of sports, it's a lot of fun with her on vacation, so there are flip flops. To the right - shoes - this is Valeria, my boss at work, she is not yet thirty, and she has already achieved a lot. She always looks amazing, fits her position at Microsoft. And next to her is Oleg. We also work with him. He was born to run a business, he has constantly burning eyes, always striving for achievements. I like that about him, and he seems to like me.

- You are dating?

- Several times, he invited me to restaurants. She always chooses pretentious ones, probably wants to impress. He, in general, looks like a prince or a peacock, I have not yet understood for sure.

Slightly lower, where there are three pictures, is Danya. We have known each other since the institute, he is very good, caring, reliable. Active therefore sneakers. He has already found himself, decided on what he wants from life. He does not try to take new peaks, like Oleg, but he is very comfortable and soft with him. He works as a realtor. This, of course, does not look very prestigious, but it brings a stable income, and sometimes even serious bonuses.

- I seem to have crossed paths with Daniel more than once at our family meetings?

- Yes, we have been with him for a long time, everyone considered him "my boyfriend" until more options appeared. There was also a "childhood friend" Vasily came with a ring, said that he had been in love with me for a long time and so easily and cheerfully offered to marry. I just as easily said in front of everyone that I would think. And after all, in fact, I thought, maybe he really is my destiny. I don’t remember a day that I was bored with him, and it seems that we never even quarreled.

- Where is he? On the left are spring-loaded sneakers?

- Yes, he is very fond of sports. We often relax together, he is the soul of the company. Olya likes him very much for a long time. I think they would be the perfect match. Although all the girls fall in love with him at first sight. And he chose me. It's flattering.

And the last one is Max. He was my first school love. When I got into unpleasant situations, he pulled me out of them, always came to the rescue. Despite the fact that he looks big and brutal, Max is kind. It's clear and simple with him. When I remember my childhood, a lot is connected with Max. A stormy teenage reality boiled around, and in Max's arms I felt like a little girl.

- Comprehensively! So, are Oleg, Daniel, Vasily and Max on the agenda now?

- It turns out like this.

- Did something become clearer to you during the reasoning? Let's try to move the cards, put aside irrelevant or minor ones.

- Let's. You know, I am now looking at the table and I understand that everyone here has broken up in pairs. And I see my mate too.

- Well, tell me then.

- Look: Mom and Dad are the first couple, for many years. The second pair - Rollers and Skates - is indisputable here. The third pair is Princess Valeria and the proud, purposeful, but pretentious peacock Oleg. The fourth is Vasily and Olga, she always looks at him with adoration, and he just needs it. Fifth - Lena and Max, they will need to get to know each other better. And we remain - Anya and Danya - beautiful, energetic, caring, in love with the mountains and not only! That's it, the puzzle came together with the answer!

- You are not cheating on yourself - you solved the problem easily and quickly - made a decision.

- One can feel the tempering of Baumanka, the method of elimination worked here as well.

- It turns out that you made your choice?

- It turns out like this. I am very happy, I just could not find a place for myself. What happiness when everything is laid out on the shelves. That I did not fall for any marketing tricks of Destiny and chose the right product.

- Yes, your HSE marketing teacher would be crying with joy right now.

- Yeah. What else is necessary, the most necessary. We are definitely - two boots - a pair.

- That's fine, now let's go and drink tea.

We are all walking along the Road. At first, our parents and teachers lead us by the hand, the road seems narrow, simple and clear. We try to let go of our hand, sometimes even pull it out when they squeeze it too tightly, and run along this Road on our own, or even jump off it … slaves. To make the right choice - to take the hand of the one with whom you are on the Path - a great success!

"If you want to be happy - be happy!"

Kozma Prutkov

Fragment from the book by Irina Krylatskaya "Psychology behind the scenes"

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