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When An Adult Is Missing A Mother. Watching The Film "Gia" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Society
When An Adult Is Missing A Mother. Watching The Film "Gia" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Society

Video: When An Adult Is Missing A Mother. Watching The Film "Gia" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Society

Video: When An Adult Is Missing A Mother. Watching The Film "Gia" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Society
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The biopic "Gia" is about the once famous and now forgotten model Gia Carangi. In the late 70s, she collaborated with world publications and brands, was the idol of millions. But drugs led to a quick and final destruction: at the age of 26, she died alone and poverty, and her once beautiful body was destroyed so that a closed coffin stood at the funeral

The film shows the viewer Jia's path to the top - and a precipitous fall. This role was masterfully performed by Angelina Jolie, demonstrating that success came to her not only thanks to her appearance, but also to her acting talent.

Gia was known for her wild personality, mood swings, and a difficult personal life. Her homosexuality manifested itself in adolescence, and throughout her short life, Gia preferred love relationships with women. The film shows her long-term love for a woman, and an older woman, and … the need for a mother. Often this is connected, and behind the homosexual choice of a partner is an unconscious desire to find a parent.

  • The film "Gia". USA, 1998
  • Director: Michael Christopher
  • Starring: Angelina Jolie

According to psychoanalysis, every person has both a heterosexual and a homosexual part. At the same time, the main one is heterosexual, because thanks to her, children appear and life continues. But someone makes homosexual choices, and often this choice hides a desire to find a parent of the same gender in a partner. Perhaps that was Gia's story.

The mother left the family when the girl was 11 years old. Gia was never able to accept the departure of her mother, she worried all her life. And already in adolescence, she began to enter into love relationships with her friends, then she began to show shocking deviant behavior.

Behind the deviant behavior of a teenager, there is usually a protest and attraction of attention: this is revenge on the parent and an attempt to return his attention and love. Since the positive way does not work, the child turns to the negative, and often successfully: the parent begins to save the rebellious teenager, educate, punish … In dysfunctional (unhealthy) families, attracting attention through the negative is more effective than through the positive.

Dislike, the search for a mother can lead to the fact that the girl begins to try love relationships with women. This is not a true sexual attraction, but compensation for the lack of bodily contact with the mother, the search for a mother's embrace - love, tenderness, acceptance, protection.

In the film, we see how Gia needed a mother. Famous, wealthy, with millions of fans around the world, at heart she was a girl abandoned by her mother and trying to get her back. Isn't this what prompted the girl to numerous homosexual relationships and drugs?

Gia was on the path of self-destruction: drugs, AIDS, bad companies. She sank to the bottom, suffering from serious health problems and from physical and sexual abuse. In a similar way, children (even in adulthood) attract the attention of their parents and turn their aggression towards their parents into auto-aggression. Gia became an enemy for herself: it was she who caused herself the main harm, and she chose the villains, thieves, rapists who surrounded her in the last months of her life.

So what happened? This strategy worked. Gia brought her mother back: the last months of her life, her mother was by her side, caring for the patient. But the harm caused to her health turned out to be irreversible, Jia's body decomposed alive, and she died at the age of 26. The price Gia paid to return her mother's love and attention was too high.

The child is ready to do anything for the love of the parent. Especially if he never matured psychologically …

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