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Why Doesn't A Man Want To Introduce Him To His Parents? 6 Reasons - Relationships, Society
Why Doesn't A Man Want To Introduce Him To His Parents? 6 Reasons - Relationships, Society

Video: Why Doesn't A Man Want To Introduce Him To His Parents? 6 Reasons - Relationships, Society

Video: Why Doesn't A Man Want To Introduce Him To His Parents? 6 Reasons - Relationships, Society
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In any relationship between a man and a woman, there are more than enough reasons for thought and concern. And unfortunately, it is rare in which pair to calmly and constructively clarify issues of concern. More often partners are silent about doubts. They confuse the clarification of relations, which leads to rapprochement and better mutual understanding, with the clarification of these, which, on the contrary, is more likely to result in even greater distance and separation

Naturally, insecurity is the main reason for the emergence of such agonizing questions as "Does he love me as much as I love him?", "Does he see me as part of his future?" and finally, "Why hasn't he introduced me to his parents yet?"

There may be several reasons why your partner is in no rush to arrange a meeting with his family. Skeptical friends say it's time to think about whether your beloved is serious about you, whether he has sincere and deep feelings for you, whether he wants to connect his life with you. Or is he just comfortable with you until he meets "the one"? Take your time to get upset, because this is not the only possible explanation.

If you go to see a counselor, he will most likely ask you to think about why not talk openly with your partner. After all, except for him, no one can know for sure. Are you being frank? What do you really want and do you know what your man wants? This research can help you get to know yourself, your lover, and build a comfortable, enjoyable relationship for both of you.

What are the most common reasons that the acquaintance with the parents has not yet taken place?

1. He is ashamed of his family

The level of well-being, cultural, intellectual development, the peculiarities of the family structure, the temperament of relatives … You never know what circumstances make your beloved experience unpleasant, mixed feelings at the thought that he will have to introduce you to his relatives! You already have a story together and probably a certain image of your man has formed in your head.

The way his relatives see him can be radically different from how he wants to appear before you. Funny stories of dating parents with stories about the first acne or photos on the potty look funny in movies, but things in life may not be so fun. A man knows best of all how his mother purses his lips; he has heard his father's inappropriate jokes many times. Or maybe relations with relatives are so bad that he does not expect anything good from an acquaintance?

2. He doesn't think it's important

An adult man who has long separated from his parental family may really not think about the fact that this is important to you. He himself does not attach importance to the traditions and opinions of others. He may simply not see the meaning in acquaintance, having led an independent life for a long time. He does not need the approval and advice of his relatives on how and with whom to live.

It is likely that you will only meet his parents at the wedding, and that is because, by the will of circumstances, you will be at the same table with them. This undoubtedly indicates the peculiar manner of your chosen one to build relationships, but, most likely, you are already familiar with her and she suits you.

3. He is afraid

Your partner may experience a variety of fears, both rational and irrational. A man is afraid to introduce you to your parents, because he believes that the family (or you yourself) will take this as a step towards marriage, for which he is not yet ready. He can expect that the relationship will deteriorate, lose lightness, that the intervention of relatives will change the usual way, that this can serve as a tool for manipulation.

A man may be afraid of repeating a family scenario, such as divorce. And in order not to go through this, he does not want to transfer the relationship to the status of "serious". Some people think that after the wedding, it is imperative to have children immediately. In his fantasies, a frightening chain is formed - meeting his parents, marriage, children. And he is not sure if he wants children, or worries that he will be a bad father.

4. He is ashamed of you

No matter how unpleasant it may be to think about it, the fact that your beloved does not want to introduce you to your parents may indicate that he does not evaluate you highly, does not perceive you as a significant part of his life. If this is actually the case, chances are you can find several more signs that indicate this.

  • How much time do you spend together?
  • Does your partner include you in their daily life?
  • Whose territory are you meeting on?
  • What does your man do for you?
  • If he does, then himself or only at your request?
  • Did he introduce you to his friends?
  • Do you communicate with them?

If the answers to most of these questions are not encouraging, you may be in a relationship with the person who is using you.

5. He takes it too seriously

As a perfectionist, it is important that everything is perfect. Some men think carefully and plan for a long time how to arrange significant events in their lives. It has been ready for a long time, it just needs to add a couple more touches. Maybe he’s planning to introduce you to his parents in some special place. Or he cannot imagine this momentous day without the presence of numerous relatives, which are scattered throughout the world.

It will take a lot of time and money to organize a wide feast. It is possible that his family has a difficult ritual for such an occasion. Maybe he promised himself to bring his only one to his parents' house in an expensive car or to organize a meeting of the future wife with relatives in his own apartment.

6. Parents against

Your partner's parents are adults with their own ideas about life and desires. They may just not want to meet their son's girls until it comes to weddings or even children. If your partner was previously married, your parents may still be very fond of their ex, especially if they have grandchildren.

Sometimes parents are ready to communicate with the woman of their son only if she becomes the mother of his children. Maybe they are too sensitive and do not want to get attached to the son's "passing" girlfriends, so as not to worry if a break occurs.