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Rock Garden. Who Are Schizoids - Self-development
Rock Garden. Who Are Schizoids - Self-development

Video: Rock Garden. Who Are Schizoids - Self-development

Video: Rock Garden. Who Are Schizoids - Self-development
Video: The Dark Side of Self Improvement | Suzanne Eder | TEDxWilmington 2023, December

The main problem of the schizoid is communication. It is difficult for him to understand, to feel the movements of the soul of another person, and it is absolutely impossible for him to speak with anyone about his experiences.

The suffering and joys of others are not very clear to the schizoid, because people for him are to some extent - shadows. “The hats and raincoats that I see through the window, and which are like my own, make me assume that there are people” (Descartes).

This isolation by nature. But over the years, for some, it turns into a deaf shell, for others, with purposeful efforts, this shell opens slightly and is able to transmit living heat inside.

Schizoids are not at all necessarily gloomy silent people, they can willingly communicate at a formal level, supporting general conversations about anything: about the weather, politics, work … Such an illusion of communication!

All schizoids are philosophers to some extent. The fact is that the thinking of the schizoid is not very much connected with reality. Starting from the real facts of living, multifaceted life, the schizoid builds his own speculative scheme, diligently driving life into it. What does not correspond to his ideas, he ignores. When they tried to point out to Hegel the inconsistencies with reality in his philosophical constructions, he replied: "So much the worse for reality."

The world around them is perceived by them as a kind of formula that one schizoid tries to solve, another to understand, the third just observes.

And just like the Player who does not sleep, does not eat, does not live, busy looking for a system in the game, so the schizoid often does not notice the living, unpredictable world beating through his window - he is looking for a clue to Being.

An eternal attempt to believe harmony with algebra, to find the key to the game called Life, to calculate the formula: the meaning of life, or success, or happiness … Do you remember how in the film "Formula of Love" Count Cagliostro turned gray overnight? Do you think it was because of the girl who left for another? But no - the formula turned out to be wrong!

Often a schizoid is a person of ideas. The problems of mankind worries him much more than the suffering of "individual" people. Yes, and it is easier for him to talk with Humanity than with his loved ones.

Schizoids communicate with the World through symbols, metaphors, images, allegories. Perhaps that is why there are many great philosophers, mathematicians, artists, poets among them … The list would take several pages, so I will name only two, but my favorites: the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and the little-known genius Knorosov, who deciphered the Mayan language alone.

And how many musicians have schizoids presented to the world: Bach, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich …

“Acquaintance” with the world of schizoids can begin with a simple one: watch the performances of Grishkovets, listen attentively to the songs of Okudzhava and Boris Grebenshchikov.

Typical representatives of literary heroes: Sherlock Holmes, Pechorin, Karenin.

In the modern world, schizoids often go to computer scientists (because this is work with a machine, not with people). However, no less often go to psychologists - to "study" people. The saddest thing is when a schizoid goes not to study people, but to teach. I'm ready even now to name a dozen well-known psychological centers headed by schizoids. More often than not, they "develop" in others what is a problem for them - emotions.

By the way, gurus in various sects are also often schizoids.

I would very conditionally divide schizoids into two categories. Some suffer from their coldness - read Hermann Hesse "Steppenwolf", there is everything about it. Others elevate coldness to the absolute, and feel themselves to be the pinnacle of creation. This is the famous "Perfume". But both there and there - a longing for the living world.

Schizoids of the first category, realizing their problems, try to get the unfinished nature. Why not? Suvorov, who was frail from birth, strengthened his health so that he could withstand the hardships of military campaigns.

ACT groups have a lot of them. They come for full-blooded, full-fledged communication with the world, realizing that the lake becomes a swamp if streams are closed to it. Systematically and consistently, we select the key to the emotions locked deep within ourselves. We learn to capture, feel, understand the state of another person, the nuances of relationships between people … This is a long, difficult work, and sometimes it is crowned with success. “But how difficult it is to get out of the armor that has grown to the body and become skin” (from the tragedy written in the ACT class).

For schizoids of the second category, people in the outside world are frighteningly incomprehensible. Hence the tendency to avoid contact. Friends are more likely from the category of acquaintances. Condition for communication: "so as not to get into the soul." They often hide in the virtual world of computer games, preferring to communicate with living people. Detachment turns into detachment …

Sometimes they go into a professional shell, devoting their lives to work. At the same time, they are far from always productive. Ideas remain at the fantasy level. But hidden vanity is actively developing (I will make some kind of discovery - the world will appreciate my singularity).

Even more than a psychasthenic, any schizoid needs to be alone from time to time. Only in solitude does he recover. Do not drag him to rest in crowded companies! It's worse for you: he will simply withdraw into himself and will not return.

We illustrate the typology from the works created in the classroom of art synthesis therapy groups. This is a rhetoric assignment. It sounds like this: imagine yourself as a building. Who are you? Baroque mansion? A flimsy hut in the field? Skyscraper? Gothic castle? A village hut? And so on. What is good in this house, and what needs to be completed, altered?

Hey man, come up to me. High? And I'll throw off the rope for you. Where are you going? Gone …

That's how I live in a tower of boulders. Sea waves are beating below. After any storm, the entrance floods. Sometimes you want to go outside, take a walk along the shore, talk to people, and the exit drowned under water.

Who built you, tower? And what did they want to build: a watchtower, a minaret, or maybe a lighthouse? Why is the upper tier not completed?

If there had been a searchlight up there, I would have shone ships in the sea.

If there was a crescent moon on the spire, I would pray to the prophet.

If there was a cannon, I would fire it twelve times every noon. But at the top there is only a bare platform. You go out, and the wind threatens to throw you down on wet stones.

I'm not going upstairs. I will sit in a room without windows, light the hearth and look at the fire. And think. About that traveler who passed the tower yesterday. And about that longboat that went to sea six months ago and never returned.

Recently, I began to think about the owner of the tower. If there is no one in the tower besides me, then it means that its owner … me ?! And I decide what to do with the tower? It's a hard thought, and I chase it, but it comes back again and again.

Probably, I need to break through the window in my closet, I'm tired of breathing the smoke of the hearth. And also pump out water from the cellars and fold the breakwater in front of the entrance so that you can go out or let guests in.

We need to light the stairs so that travelers are not afraid to climb into my dwelling.

I’ll do it, and then someone will definitely come to me. Let's sit and talk together, and then, you see, it becomes clear that I should install a cannon or a searchlight on the upper tier.

There are many schizoids among my friends, despite the fact that we are completely different. According to them, in me they are attracted (shocked, excited) by my openness and spontaneity. And I admire their independence of views and originality of judgment. I learn from them to "take off" over the situation and consider it from a bird's eye view. And they are so … mysterious. I love them!