Cut Without Sewing. How To Deal With A Sabotaging Boss - Image
Cut Without Sewing. How To Deal With A Sabotaging Boss - Image

Video: Cut Without Sewing. How To Deal With A Sabotaging Boss - Image

Video: Cut Without Sewing. How To Deal With A Sabotaging Boss - Image
Video: How to Deal with a Toxic Boss (Working in a Toxic Environment) 2023, December

Over the years, I've seen an interesting way to achieve goals. Our manager can drop the phrase on the fly: "Call such and such (as a rule, this is a well-known name) - I agreed with him about that." Under "agreed" is often only the fact of the conversation and the mention of a project. Attempts to explain that there is a long distance between "told" and "agreed" are useless - she just as elegantly leads the conversation away as she asks to call. Our company is small, our work is connected with creative and social projects. My colleagues and I, of course, have more or less adapted to this style, but I want to understand how to behave correctly.

Tatiana, 35 years old

Tatyana, why should the manager “try” if she has you - energetic, loving to quickly solve complex problems and even use your irritation for the good of the cause? You have it "for the artistic part", and you - on the eternal courses of cutting and sewing. She believes that "negotiations with you" have been good, once and for all. You are not interested in how to communicate with the client, to fill the gap of understatement. Another thing is important - that the boss stops pretending that he doesn't appreciate you enough. Here with him directly, with a smile and irony (he is sensitive to her, rather vulnerable people are often hidden under the guise of omnipotence), conduct humorous and punctual, touching him, and better yet entertaining negotiations. Your weapon is a smile. Do not forget that you know how not only to be, but also to “seem”. Of course, you shouldn't bring the boss to the stage so that you start “dreaming of the boss”. But such conversations will help her not to forget about you. And remember, you can only dream of an employee like you.

Sometimes, when we meet in negotiations with "friendly" organizations, business communication turns into a get-together. Continuous "poking" each other from the top management, stories from life. As a result, negotiations are dragging on, there are no real results, “deadlines are on fire” … How to return the negotiators from a merry feast to the topic of business negotiations?

Sergey, 45 years old

In this situation, first of all, I want to take care of you. Obviously you are a competent, adult person. But isn't he too competent? Is it too patient? Here you are sitting among the "bosses" - an expert, but rather, just in case, furniture. The role, to put it mildly, is not a joyful one. And the negotiating partners have little interest in you personally. You are asking, in fact, where to get power, visibility (worthy brightness) - well, then why not ask yourself directly about this? Without hiding the question in the "need for business."

“Your” negotiators own the business, they are hardly just fooling around, as you tell yourself (and us). But the fact that they underestimate you is a good reason to explain to them - briefly, accurately, vividly, in pictures - how it all looks from the outside. Here, firstly, you need courage, and secondly, faith in yourself. Thirdly, you are bored, entertain yourself (even with a comic about what is happening), and only then - them. Do not try to be correct and serious, you have enough of these qualities. Perhaps, by changing the setting, you will get more pleasure from playing them.