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Where To Get Motivation And Willpower? And Why Take Them At All - Self-development
Where To Get Motivation And Willpower? And Why Take Them At All - Self-development

Video: Where To Get Motivation And Willpower? And Why Take Them At All - Self-development

Video: Where To Get Motivation And Willpower? And Why Take Them At All - Self-development
Video: Personal Development | Powerful Jim Rohn Motivational Compilation 2023, December

Timings, deadlines, KPIs and other metrics have become so embedded in our lives that they are starting to take root far beyond the boundaries of big cities and large corporations. It is fashionable to set a goal for yourself and achieve it. We used to compete to find out who would guess the melody for fewer notes. Now this competition has spread to all spheres of life: who will lose weight faster, who will run 10 km, and who is a marathon, who has a better car, more salary, higher position. And where to get motivation and willpower for all this?

Life without achievement becomes not life, but a condemned likeness. How can you live without success? If it doesn't work, go to a support club where you will be motivated and encouraged. On the Internet you can find information about anything. One has only to write "how to develop", and then the search engine itself offers you options: intuition, memory, endurance … Further in the text you can find "persistent training will help develop …". If you don't know how, do it a lot, long and hard. As they say, you can teach a monkey to play the piano. There are also many articles about 10,000 hours. They inspire you to become a highly paid professional.

All those hours and workouts are great if you do what you love, what you have talent and interest in. It is much worse if you have a talent for singing and you go into network marketing. Yes, there you will be taught to put on a "hippo" and not pay attention to what others say. You will be taught there to sell and build a pyramid, but! Will you be happy and where will you take the money you earn later? To a bar, to a psychologist? How long can you do something that is not interesting?

Here the question arises: where to get motivation and willpower.

The first time

The trend of today is: do it fast, do it accurately, do it the first time. We are so cornered by the rules that we no longer understand who we are and what we want. We just look around: in the 90s lawyers were in vogue, and institutes were bursting with offers of training, now it is fashionable to be a blogger, a programmer - everyone goes there without hesitation. The majority goes, but the minority succeeds. And it turns out for those who have found their own, their interest. The one who thinks he can clench himself into a fist and do it can not stand it. Others do it.

Moving on to motivation and willpower

Willpower is the ability to suppress emotions that prevent you from thinking soberly. The ability to control yourself and your desires. If we constantly suppress and control something in ourselves, what will happen? Is it necessary to suppress emotions and which ones are needed and which are not? The control? Can we keep ourselves under control 24/7? Have you heard about how a person controls himself all day, holds himself in his hands, and in the evening breaks down and eats, for example? Either he holds back his feelings all day, and then in the middle of the night he wakes up in a terrible state, as if jumping in a dream.

Have you ever thought about when you need to find motivation and willpower? Then, when you want something and you burn with it, or when the idea is not yours, you do not succeed, you are not interested in it? Remember yourself when you are busy with what you like. Describe your feelings: do you notice the time? Do you care if you get praised or not? Do I need to persuade you? You just do.

Now think about how you will find a way to build willpower and motivation in large quantities and will live your life in violence against yourself. Serfdom was abolished in Russia in the 19th century. But the 21st century is becoming a century of violence against oneself, cultivating instead of other people's lands, other people's desires, ideas of dreams.

Why are you ignoring your feelings?

If you are used to going to an unloved job, doing unpleasant, hard sports, living with an unloved person, just because you need to be patient. If you are looking for an answer to the question of where to get motivation and develop willpower, then ask yourself the question: why do you ignore your feelings? Your body doesn't want to go there or do something. Maybe it's not casual? Maybe you shouldn't already in childhood know the purpose of your life to go to it from the cradle? Maybe you don't need to blog like everyone else does?

See motivation and willpower as violence and deception. Try to stop doing this for yourself and your children. Observe yourself. Where is your energy directed? Look for interest. Remember when you were interested and you told someone about it, how others reacted? How do you react to other people? Who or what excites you? You are the one who radiates interest and desire, but not the one who pulls yourself by willpower.

Look for interest. There is both motivation and will.