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7 Phrases A Man Wants To Hear From You - Relations
7 Phrases A Man Wants To Hear From You - Relations

Video: 7 Phrases A Man Wants To Hear From You - Relations

Video: 7 Phrases A Man Wants To Hear From You - Relations
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They say that women love with their ears - declarations of love and pleasant words are no less important for them than actions. But we rarely say to our beloved man what he wants to hear. What words and phrases are important to say to your loved one? Family psychologist and writer Olga Romaniv talks about this

1. "I love you"

The very first thing a man wants and should hear from you is a confession of feelings. These simple three words help him understand the correctness of his choice, to realize that you need him as much as he needs you. But do not talk about love every free minute - it can become an irritant.

Remember, you are not just saying nice words, but you are strengthening the emotional thread that binds you

2. "Are you all right?"

This can include any words of support - "I am with you", "Tell me", "How do you feel?" and many others. These are the words of care your loved one needs. Speak them sincerely, wanting to help him at least by what you can listen to. Your partner needs your participation in his life.

Remember: your concern, and, accordingly, the words themselves should be sincere, and not said "for the sake of decency." Otherwise, over time, your partner will begin to respond in kind to you, and this can create a crack in the relationship

3. "Forgive me"

These are words of reconciliation. The ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness is a great talent, find it in yourself and develop it.

Learn to admit your guilt if the fight is due to your words or actions. If you have offended a loved one, then you should change the polarity of the situation from minus to plus

4. "Please help"

Know how to talk about what household chores you need to do, when to walk or play with the children. A man does not know how to read your thoughts, especially what is written between the lines, so your "subtle" hints may simply not be understood.

Be clear about your expectations, explain what is important to you in the relationship, and discuss the division of responsibilities

5. "You are the best"

This category includes any words that increase the self-esteem of a partner: “You look great”, “I am calm and easy with you” and many others. Be able to praise a man, he needs to feel at his best, to understand that he is worthy of you.

If you see an interested female gaze directed at your spouse on the street, tell him about it in a fun or intriguing whisper, but in no case “turn on” jealousy, especially since there is no reason for it

6. "Be gentle with me"

This category includes all words that characterize your erotic fantasies. A man not only needs variety, but first of all he thinks about your pleasure, and words will become a kind of guide for him, helping to achieve your desires.

Don't be afraid to talk about sex and talk about what you want. Your words will help improve and diversify your sex life

7. "Thank you honey"

Learn to be grateful. You are pleased when your husband thanks you for a delicious dinner or a pleasant evening. He deserves the same in return. “Thank you” can be both general - “for what I have you”, and private, depending on the situation. With your gratitude, you show your partner the need and correctness of what he did.

Thank the man, these words will become an engine for him - he will want to do something else: give a nice gift, clean the house, invite him to the theater premiere, do what you are sometimes embarrassed to ask for

Start giving compliments and courtesies that are so important to your partner right now. And your relationship will change for the better

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