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On The Road To Happiness. Popular Female Mistakes - Self-development
On The Road To Happiness. Popular Female Mistakes - Self-development

Video: On The Road To Happiness. Popular Female Mistakes - Self-development

Video: On The Road To Happiness. Popular Female Mistakes - Self-development
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It is a natural human desire to be happy. One of the persistent stereotypes of modern society says that female happiness is impossible without the presence of a beloved man nearby. A woman must be in a relationship, ideally married. A lonely woman, even if she feels quite comfortable, in the perceptions of society is unhappy inside. If the safety, sense of humor and mental background of a lonely contented woman are in order, everything will be fine. But more often female loneliness is perceived exclusively negatively by the woman herself, and she tries with all her might to build these most cherished relationships. On the way, making mistakes that nullify efforts. Let's take a look at popular female mistakes.

The first story about a little obedient girl

Obedient girls are comfortable for everyone. They don't bother the parents. You can be proud of them, boast and not worry that they will let you down and make you feel ashamed. The understanding that an obedient girl is not too happy comes much later - both to the girl and to those around her.

An obedient girl gets in the way of building relationships:

Wish everyone likes

The girl grows up and understands that she needs to be sweet, kind, polite and preferably reliable. Unfortunately, this does not work - even the most positive heroines are annoying with their complaisance. Everyone won't like it. Appreciate and respect yourself is the most important thing.


The confidence that everything depends only on you brings chronic fatigue and even depression to the curve. It is important to understand that there are limits to possibilities and powers. You don't need to decide and do everything for everyone: firstly, they will happily take advantage of it, and secondly, you will overstrain yourself. Doing what you want and allowing yourself to rest is not a luxury, but a natural need.

Pathological modesty

A cocktail of children's patterns is mixed here. Modesty decorates, being bright is vulgar, it is better to remain silent once again - this turns a woman into a nondescript person. Not interesting either for a possible life partner, or for others. Self-confidence looks and attracts much better.

The second story about a grown-up obedient woman

Let's say an adult girl has worked and got rid of childhood traumas that interfere with building relationships. But personal life never went well. What is wrong? What female mistakes prevent you from building a harmonious relationship?


Giving all the best (place, dish, etc.), not going anywhere with friends, not allowing yourself to rest for a couple of days alone, giving up your own hobbies, desires and needs for the sake of a man's convenience - for many women, this is the guarantor of strong relationships. They bury their dreams with such enthusiasm under a pile of other people's needs that sooner or later they forget about them. Sacrificing herself, wishing to earn love, a woman loses her “I”. The female psyche and the female body will not tolerate such betrayal. Depression, low self-esteem, weight jumps, hormonal disruptions are a sign. Something went wrong.

I am the best mommy ever

Undoubtedly, but only for the child, and not for the whole family at once. Rightfully, this is the most common mistake in the relationship between a woman and a man. Natural care is replaced by maternal care and we devalue a man's ability to look after himself and make decisions. It is important to remember that if a woman behaves like a mother to a man, he will treat her like a mother. Sexual dissatisfaction and relationships on the side are the result of such communication.

I am a little girl

It’s so sweet that you even start to suck about your strongest, smartest man. Which, of course, will decide everything for you. The habit of feeling helpless instead of remembering that you are a grown woman is the most toxic female mistake. Yes, at first a man may like that you are not capable of anything without him, so unearthly and defenseless. But sooner or later this story with a well-known ending will become boring and insipid.

Inflated views

If a woman believes that it is in her power to fix, change, and adjust her partner to herself, her confidence can be envied. But she is wrong. Harmonious relationships are joint work, mutual care and attention, the ability to dialogue. Love is about accepting, not breaking and suppressing.

Obligatory union should not become a female end in itself. It is important and resourceful for a woman to remember that she is a person with her own needs and desires. It is important to develop and love yourself. A harmonious and interesting person is always attractive to others.