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Questionnaire For The Detection Of Narcissistic Deficiency. How Big A Daffodil Are You? - Self-development
Questionnaire For The Detection Of Narcissistic Deficiency. How Big A Daffodil Are You? - Self-development

Video: Questionnaire For The Detection Of Narcissistic Deficiency. How Big A Daffodil Are You? - Self-development

Video: Questionnaire For The Detection Of Narcissistic Deficiency. How Big A Daffodil Are You? - Self-development
Video: Personality Assessment 3.3: Objective Personality Tests 2023, March

Questionnaire for the detection of narcissistic deficiency. Just answer “yes” or “no,” without focusing on thinking for a long time. And believe me, even if you answer yes to most of the questions on this test, that doesn't mean you are a daffodil narcissist. It's just that the narcissistic area of your personality is quite vulnerable due to the circumstances of your life.

Narcissistic Deficiency Questionnaire

Self-Esteem Statements

  1. My self-esteem is very dependent on what is happening in my life now.
  2. Trouble and setbacks plunge me into a sense of my own inferiority for a long time.
  3. I rarely feel like a worthy and respected person.
  4. I doubt all the time if there is anything in me that is valuable and meaningful to the people in my environment.
  5. I often feel inappropriate in contact with people.
  6. I constantly fall short of the ideal that I set for myself.
  7. I cannot find anything in myself that would make me unique among other people.
  8. I have no merit that I could be proud of.
  9. I don't know what my strengths are.
  10. I don't know why I could be loved, appreciated or respected.
  11. I get desperate when I think that I am an ordinary person, one of many.
  12. I often compare myself to other people. And not in their favor.
  13. Other people's successes unsettle me. Against their background, I quickly fall into a feeling of dull insignificance.
  14. If I understand that I am worse than other people in something, then this plunges me into a feeling of insignificance.
  15. I constantly criticize myself and devalue what I did and what I achieved.
  16. I think that if people discern who I really am, they will be forever disappointed with me.
  17. In the views of people on me, I more often see criticism and evaluativeness than benevolence and interest in me.
  18. Because of my shortcomings and my mistakes in life, I am much worse than the people around me.
  19. My achievements and successes in no way convince me that I have a sufficient level of competence and professionalism.
  20. I often feel like an impostor and am afraid that it will become obvious to others.
  21. Beliefs related to relationships with people
  22. I often find myself thinking that I am much better off without people, because then I can avoid shame.
  23. When I am surrounded by people, I often feel that something is wrong with me.
  24. I believe that there are normal people around me, but I am definitely not one of them.
  25. I don't like competition. There is a high risk of being worse than someone in her.
  26. I can't imagine anyone condescending to my shortcomings. It would be better for me not to show them at all.
  27. If I admit that I have many virtues, then I will have to correspond all the time and be in tension so as not to disappoint others.
  28. More than anything, I am afraid of dependence on other people.
  29. Requests humiliate me. It would be nice if people themselves, of their own accord, did for me what I need, because I, in turn, do the maximum for them.
  30. I cannot understand why a relationship in which we have no mutual benefit from each other.
  31. My goal is not to need other people and to cope with everything myself.

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Mental attitudes

  1. I am often seized with anxiety that I cannot relax and I must move forward, otherwise I will remain “nobody”.
  2. I have to constantly prove to myself that I can do a lot in order to feel that everything is in order with me.
  3. I am not satisfied with achievements and successes. As soon as I climbed the next step, I must move on quickly.
  4. I am obviously worse at coping with my life than the people around me.
  5. The criteria for success in life are beauty, strength, wealth and power.
  6. I believe that smart people do not make mistakes in life.
  7. I think that if you try hard enough, you can manage events in your life.
  8. I cannot accept that some events have happened in my life. I would like for myself a different life story.
  9. I think that addiction humiliates a person.
  10. Attachment makes people dependent on each other, which is dangerous.
  11. Pleasure is irrelevant if not beneficial.
  12. You should not start a new business if you are not one hundred percent sure of the result.
  13. If I got down to business, I will demand of myself to do it perfectly, even if it drains me.

Perhaps, having answered the questions, you were at a loss: "But I lacked narcissism in my life!" And you are absolutely right. It sounds like you really lack a healthy narcissism that provides a solid foundation for self-esteem, self-esteem, and confidence in your relationships with people.

Questionnaire for the detection of narcissistic deficiency
Questionnaire for the detection of narcissistic deficiency

Chapter "Questionnaire for the detection of narcissistic deficiency" from the book "Fragile people. The secret door to the world of narcissists. " Julia Pirumova. - Moscow: Publishing house "Bombora", 2020.

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