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Feminine Power. Resource, Motivation, Content - Relationships, Self-development
Feminine Power. Resource, Motivation, Content - Relationships, Self-development

Video: Feminine Power. Resource, Motivation, Content - Relationships, Self-development

Video: Feminine Power. Resource, Motivation, Content - Relationships, Self-development

What is money? This is social status, power and freedom. Dreaming of financial well-being is both motivation and a brake at the same time: we think about a certain happy future exclusively in conditions of financial independence. Thus, crossing out the value of friendship, relationships, feelings

We prohibit feeling happy here and now - "well, of course, because today there is not enough money, tomorrow (in a year, in 10) I will be absolutely happy." This is especially true for men - they are traditionally placed in a certain framework since childhood: do not cry, do not show emotions, work and earn money. Men develop a stable stereotype that what I do not have yet, I can buy for money, because the main thing is to make good money. The surprise is that the one whose support and support cannot be bought for any money helps a man to help achieve financial well-being, accomplish interesting and feel happy in the moment.

A woman is nearby - fills, motivates, gives a powerful resource. And the money has nothing to do with it

The essence of feminine power

Humanity is obsessed with money and the speed of making it. Much is measured by money; modern society is sure that almost everything can be bought. But it is women who are able to show and prove that the most important things are not measured by money.

A woman is able to give a man the main thing that makes him breathe and feel in full force


Powerful energy

Every person has an energy field that surrounds him (no witchcraft!). The female aura is really stronger than the male, the inner state of a woman powerfully influences the space around her and the people in it. The atmosphere in the house, tone and mood of a man strongly depends on the mental tone of a woman.

Woman is called to nourish others

This is about the ability to feed a child, and about the mood in the family. The internal resource of a woman is always replenished.

Women's multitasking

It is precisely a woman's gift to do several things at the same time and do them efficiently. A woman is able to keep attention on several objects at the same time, thereby keeping all the most important things under control and ensuring the correct functioning of her hearth


It is the woman who creates the necessary fertile ground for the ideal and the necessary vector along which the family is developing successfully.

The story is not about money

All people tend to make plans and live in the future, losing the ability to enjoy the present. Pragmatic men pride themselves on their ability to count things a few steps ahead. But the Universe often shows that life is what is happening now, not what appears to be tomorrow.

Women, in turn, know well and are able to gently teach that the most important things in life are not things


True love is a deep connection based on trust and understanding. It is a sincere feeling that has no value.


Evaluating a person by the value of gifts, or considering that only an expensive thing can prove who is worth what is a fatal mistake. Time passes, material values are short-lived, but self-esteem remains with us always.


Respect is experienced for a person who by actions shows nobility and truth. And he does it not for show.

Real friends

They don't care how thick your wallet is. It is important for them that you are successful and healthy. Everything else is the passing scenery of your life.

Empathy and empathy

This is a sincere empathy, not a bank transaction from one account to another. It's not about money.

Devotion and loyalty

These feelings are mutual respect and sincere relationships. A person who is devoted to you because of money is not devoted to you at all.


No amount of money can return the past time. Your life, minute by minute, is priceless wealth that is not sold anywhere.

Financial stability is a blessing. There is nothing wrong with the desire to earn more, achieve certain heights and financial well-being. The main thing in this race is not to forget that the most important thing in our life has never been evaluated in denominations. And it is women who are more sensitive to this and are able to share this knowledge with their loved ones.

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