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5 Rules For Choosing A Good Wife - Relations
5 Rules For Choosing A Good Wife - Relations

Video: 5 Rules For Choosing A Good Wife - Relations

Video: 5 Rules For Choosing A Good Wife - Relations
Video: How To Choose A Partner Wisely 2023, April

Of course, the choice of a "good wife", that is, a suitable life partner, must be meaningful. The family is built not only on mutual love, but also on mutual trust, respect, community of interests and outlook on life. Every man, who has set himself the goal of finding a soul mate, is guided by his own priorities when choosing: for someone it is important to housekeeping, someone's purposefulness of a woman, someone appreciates maternal qualities, partnership, mutual assistance. As they say, every man has his own

At the same time, I would like to note that representatives of the strong half of humanity are distinguished by great pragmatism in the field of personal life. As a rule, they look closely at the chosen one for a long time, conduct a comparative analysis, draw the necessary conclusions, but also, sometimes, they are mistaken with the choice.

1. Look at the mother-in-law

Do not forget the good old rule that says: if you want to know what your wife will be like in the future, take a closer look at her mother. Genetics is a really interesting thing, and over time, the woman you choose will really behave a lot like her mother. Therefore, when choosing a wife, think about whether you like the woman who gave birth to her and raised her. As they say, the apple from the apple tree.

2. "You need to marry an orphan!"

The hero of Mironov from the film "The Diamond Hand", complaining about his marriage, said: "You need to marry an orphan!", for which he immediately got a slap in the face from his faithful. There is, of course, a grain of truth in this phrase, and, having entered into a legal marriage, you, like Gesha Kozodoev, will think about the same more than once when her parents, especially mom, openly interfere in your personal life, trying to continue to educate only his daughter, but at the same time a newly-made son-in-law. To protect your wife from the pernicious influence of your own mother, you need to choose wisely - to marry the daughter of a business woman who is no longer up to upbringing, or to choose a girl whose parents live in the Arctic Circle as a wife. In general, you need to offer a hand and a heart to the chosen one, whose mother is absorbed in her career, work, personal life, young children, writing a doctoral dissertation. The more productively your mother-in-law is, the calmer and more comfortable your life together will be.

3. “Down with prejudices! A woman - she is also a man! "

This is the slogan that was written at the entrance to the women's hostel in the film "White Sun of the Desert". For a long time, men took girls who had a dowry as their wives. You should not give up such a good bonus today, however, with a note of the present. The girl whom you consider as a future life companion should at least have an education, a job, a desire to grow and develop, hobbies, and not just a desire to get married at any cost. Because "a woman is also a person" with whom it should be boring and pleasant to spend time with whom you want to communicate, learn new things, share impressions, and just talk. Returning to the question of the material dowry, two salaries, you see, are better than one, and even better, so that she has relatively wealthy parents: such a bride, firstly,motivates to achieve more, because she was initially accustomed to good, and secondly, no matter what happens, you can always count on the help of her parents.

4. What kind of mistress is she?

So that “the love boat does not crash into everyday life,” as the poet said, take a closer look at your chosen one and how she runs the house, how well / poorly she cooks. Love is love, but you always want to eat! So a little test drive and experimentation never hurts. I, of course, do not advise saving up garbage and dirty dishes, so that later call your girlfriend to clean it up - it's not very beautiful. But when you come to visit her, you need to pay attention to how clean and tidy she is. Sometimes it is worth coming without an invitation for experimental purposes in order to understand what shines for you in real life, and not before the arrival of guests - in this way you can much faster determine with whom you decided to connect your life: with "cleanliness" or "dirty", and choose what is closer to you.

5. "Hello, Checkmark, you won't believe it!.."

Pay attention to how outgoing your lady is and how this relates to your personal temperament. Here, too, everything depends on your personal views - you are ready to endure her correspondence, calls, chat on the phone, her friends in your common house, or you will resist this in every possible way. Moreover, women tend to share even the most intimate details with their mothers, girlfriends, and then “implement” their advice, saying that “Lenka’s husband washes the dishes, and Vikin gave her a car for her birthday.” Ladies who are prone to comparisons, criticism from mothers and girlfriends, voiced by the lips of your faithful for the purpose of motivation, need to be calculated in advance so that this does not poison life later.

Choosing a wife is not an easy question, but every real man can cope with it on his own. Sometimes it is difficult to protect yourself from disappointments, everyday problems, misunderstandings. Here we can say only one thing - choose not only with your heart, but also with your mind. Learn to show emotions in family life, it is positive, as a rule, for men it is always much more difficult. Learn empathy - even the best wife expects you to understand something and guess something yourself, because in fact it is not a big deal if you love a person. Treat your soul mate with attention, listen to her - she does not always say nonsense, between the nonsense she sometimes inserts important things for both of you.

And just in case, remember from time to time the words of Mayakovsky:

I don't scold my wife, I will

never leave her!

It was with me that

she became bad, And I took her … good!

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