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10 Dangers Of Choice. How To Change The Way You Make Decisions And Stay Safe - Self-development
10 Dangers Of Choice. How To Change The Way You Make Decisions And Stay Safe - Self-development

Video: 10 Dangers Of Choice. How To Change The Way You Make Decisions And Stay Safe - Self-development

Video: 10 Dangers Of Choice. How To Change The Way You Make Decisions And Stay Safe - Self-development
Video: How to make faster decisions | The Way We Work, a TED series 2023, December

Every day you make a choice. Sometimes without hesitation, along the way, doing the daily routine to which they are accustomed. Sometimes taking a long time to think before deciding to act (or not to act). Do you realize that the time for making a decision is not infinite? You can either delay it for too long, or, conversely, make a hasty choice, or go for a safe option, which, in turn, may not be the best decision

Where are the pitfalls of a safe choice? You will be surprised, but there are quite a few of them. Knowing about them, you can change the usual approach to making decisions and protect yourself. Moreover, your deliberate willingness to take calculated risks will open up new opportunities for you and can bring you a lot of benefits.

1. Life without passion

A boring life may be safe, but who wants to live boring all the time? This is where the “safe choice” problem lies - you are unlikely to get into trouble, but your life is unlikely to be eventful and interesting. Excitement, vitality, excitement - imagine that these are important nutrients or vitamins, without which there will be no good health and mood. Life is an opportunity to experience myriad experiences. Adjust your thinking to make slightly less secure decisions and discover more possibilities that will bring new colors to your life.

2. Life without development

When you stick to what you know, do only what you are good at, with which you are comfortable, you lose the opportunity for further development. If you do not risk trying something different from the usual, you stop gaining new skills and knowledge. Your growth stalls, which directly affects life satisfaction. Do not hinder your development for fear of going beyond your usual activities. Gradually decide on an unusual choice, add something new to your daily activities in small portions, and gradually consolidate the positive changes.

3. Living in fear of novelty

A bold choice scares you. This fear of the unknown prevents you from discovering something new. And this impoverishes your life in the same way as inhibiting development. Try to take a calculated risk the next time you feel the fear of allowing something new into your life, expanding your worldview, enriching your experience, trying something unusual. After all, as they say, he who does not take risks does not drink champagne.

4. Life without new acquaintances

Every day do you communicate with the same people who are so predictable and nothing about them changes, no matter what happens? There is nothing wrong with a long-term friendship. But sooner or later the moment comes when you realize that you have outgrown your "childhood" friendships and it is time to expand your social circle. To meet new people who share your changing interests and values, are passionate about the same profession or occupation as you. Join various interest groups - hobbies, travel, learning, sports. There you can meet like-minded people, communication with whom will enrich your life.

5. Life without pleasure in personal life

You undoubtedly know some people whose partners or spouses left them for someone more inspiring. For the sake of a person who knew how to maintain interest in a partner and was full of life, active, happy and passionate about something exciting. Who wouldn't want to be with such a bright personality? If everyday life and communication with your partner is rather "so-so", expect problems. Life gives us a full range of changes - from the most joyful to the absolutely heartbreaking. Don't you want to share your deepest feelings and experiences with your beloved frankly and carefully? But this requires the courage to step off the path of “safe choice” and take risky steps. True emotional intimacy is only possible if you are willing to open up to your partner in all your vulnerability. It's very scary. But try it - it's worth it.

6. Unrealized potential

How can you reach the pinnacle of your true potential if you are doing what you have always done? You don't just give up many opportunities that come your way because you don't allow yourself to take advantage of them or don't see them at all. You have no idea who you can become, how good your skills and talents are. Don't waste time wasting your potential, rewrite your life scenario. What will it be like if you achieve everything that you dream of (and even more)? After all, the disclosure of potential is not the end of life, it is only its beginning.

7. Happiness as an unattainable goal

By constantly sticking to the safe path in everyday life, you become passive, empty, weak, and much less happy than you want to be. Perhaps because happiness is inextricably linked with energy, involvement, interest, and a willingness to work towards achieving the desired goals. Think about what you want to be successful in? Make a plan, think over a strategy for achieving it. Start small, because success follows success. Improve your creative approach to making informed, motivating decisions, you have your whole life ahead!

8. Not a leader, but a performer

An employee who always walks the safe path, never going beyond what is acceptable, familiar, and familiar, will never be a leader. Others will gravitate towards a bold, enticing person who is smart enough to see how important new ideas are and choose the most potentially successful ones. Change the usual scenario of actions when making decisions at work, try to go beyond the safe path. You can't even imagine what changes await you until you try.

9. Life without motivation

Like boredom, lack of motivation is a quick way to lose the joy of life. Every day is the same, as if you are doomed for life to follow a pattern. Unsurprisingly, you have absolutely no motivation to do something again, not even something new. Remember the pleasant excitement and enthusiasm when you managed to do something really interesting and desirable. Try to recreate that feeling when you start a new activity today. Applying positive motivation can bring you closer to success.

10. Success seems unattainable

And about success. Does he always seem out of reach? Maybe the reason is that you choose the safe path without worries and prefer not to muddy the waters? To achieve success, you cannot do without a calculated risk, which means you have to work hard and, despite the failures, continue, even when you want to quit everything. You will appreciate the results of the emotional development that will occur along the way. For, as Socrates said, "an unexplored life is not worth living."