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Top 10 Signs Of Promising Relationships - Relations
Top 10 Signs Of Promising Relationships - Relations

Video: Top 10 Signs Of Promising Relationships - Relations

Video: Top 10 Signs Of Promising Relationships - Relations
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Relationships are a topic full of questions, mysteries, unproven beliefs and doubts. In fact, no one teaches us how to build relationships. We are gaining our own experience, looking at the example of parents, people around us. It is on their example that we imagine how to build long-term relationships, how to solve emerging problems, how to behave correctly in these relationships. What markers do promising relationships have?

But this is just a subjective experience, there are no uniform rules and norms. It so happens that relationships in their own family were toxic, and it is this model that is taken as the basis in their own life. Problems begin with their own personal life and the question arises: is it possible to understand that these relationships have a perspective? Are there any signs indicating that this is what it is, the real one?

Of course, nothing is perfect and the same, and personal relationships are no exception. We are all unique in our own way; we show emotions and react to situations in different ways. But still, there are certain signs by which one can understand that it is these relationships that need to be protected, developed and appreciated.

A prospective relationship is one that has a chance of a happy future together

10 signs of a promising relationship

  1. You trust each other. Past negative experiences, pain, and betrayal do not affect the current relationship. You are able to let go of the past and joyfully accept what you have here and now. You trust and show that you can be trusted too.
  2. You spend more time together. This usually happens in the first few months of dating, when your feelings are heightened, you are in love, are in the clouds and do not want to part at all. This is completely normal for the "candy-bouquet" period. An unpleasant sign - if they draw a schedule for you, offering meetings on clearly defined days and hours.
  3. You are sincere. Of course, compromise is important. But still, you should honestly admit if something does not suit you. A prospective relationship hates unspoken grudges and reservations.
  4. Your partner is proactive. They share with you plans for joint travel. They are discussing with you large purchases that will be used together (car, household appliances, furniture). They make it clear to you that your relationship is focused on a joint future, on creating a family.
  5. You can contact your partner at any time of the day. Of course, this is not an invitation to night calls and correspondence, especially if this categorically does not suit one of the parties. But you must be sure that you can always contact your partner if necessary.
  6. You want to spend your vacation together. Your partner does not consider separate travel options, even if something was planned before you met.
  7. There is no benefit in your relationship. We are talking about gratuitousness and the ability to give and give, without expecting return gratitude. You do not love for something, but simply love and give your love, care and trust. And it should be mutual.
  8. You have the same attitude to finance. Money is a delicate story and it is best to agree "on the shore" how you will plan your budgets. If the couple is one shopaholic and the other is prone to pathological hoarding, then there may be problems.
  9. You are "looking one way." This also applies to travel, and preferences in literature and cinema. Of course, you shouldn't copy each other, but it would be good to keep up in the main directions.
  10. Easy for you. Optimism and joy are feelings that are always with you when you are together. In a promising relationship, there should be no strain, picture experiences and cyclical temperamental quarrels and stormy reconciliations. Your relationship should bring you warmth, give you hope for a happy future. Together you can fearlessly dream and plan, together you can overcome difficulties more easily. A promising union is joy, not anxiety and doubt.

If you have certain doubts, anxiety and you are uncomfortable - then this is the very case when "it does not seem", there is no promising relationship.

There is no place in a promising relationship:

  • Sarcasm, criticism and devaluation. If in communication with you a partner makes sarcastic remarks, rolls his eyes, smirks, deliberately sighs - then this is not healthy communication, but a non-verbal demonstration that you mean nothing.
  • Endless accusations. Whatever happens, you are to blame in the eyes of your partner. Gradually, you begin to reflect it and do the same.
  • Irritated. If there is an endless circle of irritation, reproaches and offenses, there is no prospect for such a relationship.
  • Unwillingness to put up. All people can conflict. Sometimes it is very difficult to come to a common denominator, but if you do not want to put up after a quarrel, this is not a very good sign.

Of course, any relationship is a different story. There are no rules and regulations here. Here it is impossible to regulate with a general list what is good and what is bad. The main thing here is the emotions that you experience together. Listen to yourself - a loving heart is very sensitive and able to tell you the main thing.