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What Is The Right Way To Praise A Man? 7 Tips To Change Your Relationship - Relations
What Is The Right Way To Praise A Man? 7 Tips To Change Your Relationship - Relations

Video: What Is The Right Way To Praise A Man? 7 Tips To Change Your Relationship - Relations

Video: What Is The Right Way To Praise A Man? 7 Tips To Change Your Relationship - Relations
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With great pleasure, women scold men: she does nothing at home, does not help with children, and in general she married the wrong person … But she got out, which means she saw not only his shortcomings, but also his advantages. A woman should inspire a man to great and small feats and be able to motivate him to work. You can call it cunning, you can call it worldly wisdom, you can call it sincerity, but a man must be praised

What for?

Everyone likes to be praised and complimented. It is pleasant and makes it possible not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved - there is always room to grow.

You are pleased when they praise the food you have prepared, the quality work done, and talk about how beautiful you look. And you praise children, regardless of gender and age, for their successes and achievements. So why should you make an exception for your man, especially if you want him to show you more attention and care?

How did you feel as a child when you were scolded for disobedience or poor grades? They did not consider themselves to be guilty, closed down and continued to act the same way as before. Or they did it out of spite.

A man is in many ways a big child, the situation with him is the same - he closes down if you scold him. And it does nothing, because you still cannot please. Start praising him and see how he changes. You will be surprised where he has so much energy and desire to help, change something, take care of children


Imagine that a man has prepared a delicious dinner for you to return home. True, at the same time, a mess reigns in the kitchen. But the main thing is that he cooked. Praise him, because he tried, and put things in order in the kitchen together. It is not worth starting with an assessment of "disaster", it is much more important that the husband has invested all of himself in cooking.

When you start praising your spouse, do it sincerely - leave flattery, lies, sarcasm aside, they are not your helpers. Your task is to make a compliment, approve an act, thank, and not pry or wake up a "hedgehog" in him

Men are by nature vulnerable and emotional, they only hide it. They subtly feel lies and flattery, and if they did not show it, this does not mean that they did not understand.

If, remembering a quarrel with your husband, you understand that your phrase or an unflattering review was the reason, then you need to learn how to communicate correctly.

Follow these simple rules and your relationship will progress to a higher level.

Rule # 1. Be aware of your choice

Always remember that you chose this man, you liked him the way he is. He was never a perfect goodie without flaws

Fairly, flaws did not appear over time. Either you did not want to notice them, or now you perceive the behavior and actions of your spouse too painfully and irritably. Pull yourself together, remember the wonderful romantic moments at the beginning of your relationship, the happiness that you gave each other, and look at your man as before, through the eyes of a young loving woman. You wanted to live your whole life together, so take the first step towards improving it.

Rule # 2. Determine the Purpose

Why do you want to praise a man? Think carefully and decide on your goal. It may be important for you to learn how to prevent conflict, or just to feel his concern for you.

Whatever your goal, the man you love deserves warm words and kind compliments from you. Choose the right moments for warm words depending on the purpose

Rule # 3. Show You Need It

If you do everything yourself, without asking your spouse for help, then he himself is unlikely to guess that you need it.

Show that his help is invaluable and that he means a lot to you. In return, you will receive gratitude, your relationship will become more trusting

Rule # 4: Discuss Tasks, Not Conditions

A man should understand what you want from him. Remember that the representatives of the stronger sex do not always take your hints, so speak directly about what needs to be done.

Your words should be a request, not an order or a condition. The option "you - me, I - you" in this case is not the most correct

Rule # 5. Evaluate and give thanks

Every act of your chosen one, any manifestation of care and investment of effort should be appreciated and accepted by you with gratitude. Do not expect that all requests will be fulfilled at once, as if by magic - your husband needs time to gradually or gradually fulfill your requests. For example, repairs in an apartment are not done in one day, so you shouldn't talk about a boring mess, it's better to pay attention to what has already been done.

And remember that there are no small things that you can ignore - every little thing deserves your approval

Rule # 6. Let Self Realize

Do not seek to limit your spouse to the framework you have invented, give him the opportunity to express himself, let his imagination and desire help fulfill your request

This applies to parenting, cooking dinner, and important purchases. Do not jerk him with enviable constancy, this will reduce his initiative to "no". Your task is to inspire him to this activity, motivate and slightly nudge him, and upon completion of the task, be sure to praise your loved one and compliment him.

Rule # 7. Don't expect instant results

If you want to receive from your husband more attention and participation in household chores through praise, then, having changed the tactics of your behavior, do not expect that everything will change to “one, two, three”.

Remember that your partner is not ready for drastic changes, let everything go on as usual, and your praise at the beginning should be appropriate and tactful.

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