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"You Don't Have Enough Man!" Does A Lack Of Relationship Spoil Character? - Relationships, Society
"You Don't Have Enough Man!" Does A Lack Of Relationship Spoil Character? - Relationships, Society

Video: "You Don't Have Enough Man!" Does A Lack Of Relationship Spoil Character? - Relationships, Society

Video: "You Don't Have Enough Man!" Does A Lack Of Relationship Spoil Character? - Relationships, Society
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One has only to start arguing, reacting sharply, getting angry, stubborn, offended or upset, in general, openly showing "negative" emotions, someone will definitely say or think: "She has no peasant, so she is mad." So is the lack of relationships really spoiling the character?

Fairy tales and myths about the lack of relationships

The myth about the life-giving role of men in the life of every woman is actively reproduced everywhere - in literature, cinema, folk art. Finding a dear friend is declared the solution to all women's problems, and the tales end with "and they lived happily ever after." But more often than not, reality offers us a completely different plot development. It does not always work out happily ever after; divorce statistics alone can provide rich food for thought. In the offices of psychologists, the most frequent requests are about relationships. And most of them are not at all about how to cope with sudden happiness, but about unpleasant experiences, mental pain and suffering.

The formula is simple - a good relationship based on love and understanding will undoubtedly have a positive effect on a woman's emotional background. However, no relationship is better than one full of suffering, pain and fear

It turns out that the very fact of a man in a woman's life does not guarantee a good mood and kindness. Maybe the point is how much she herself considers it important to have a relationship? Does she link her self-esteem with the demand for the opposite sex, is she able to enjoy life, regardless of whether there is a romantic partner at this stage of her life.

After all, if a woman is sure that something is wrong with her and doubts her femininity, this, like any other self-esteem problem, will have a negative effect on her mood and negatively affect any social contacts. Dissatisfied with herself and the way her life is developing, she broadcasts her state in communication with others, reacts painfully to generally harmless statements, looks for subtext in any words and hurts herself about it.

In this case, you need to look not for a man and a relationship, but to work on filling your life and strengthening self-esteem. As they say, become your own best and caring partner for a start

Everything is achievable, now there are many opportunities for self-development, both independently and with the help of a specialist.

But what about the intimate side of the issue?

Maybe the lack of physical intimacy negatively affects the character of a woman? We are social beings, it is important for us to feel the closeness of others. Tactile deprivation can indeed negatively affect the psychological state. Regular and enjoyable sexual activity significantly improves overall quality of life.

With a good life, the general emotional background is more important, and the psychological stability is higher. However, even here the formula is simple - even if good sex is better than its complete absence, no intimacy is better than intimacy without pleasure. If intimate interaction does not bring satisfaction, and the lover is inattentive, careless and does not want to do anything to improve the situation, the very fact of its presence will definitely not improve a woman's temper.

People do not die from a lack of intimacy, and tactile needs can be satisfied with massage, dancing and friendly hugs

Women do not have a built-in button "to improve the mood" and there is no single scheme "how to make her cute forever." Irritability, anger, resentment, and other manifestations "undesirable" to society can be caused by dissatisfaction with life in general.

We all experience different emotions and feelings and our condition is not always explained by the presence or absence of a man. The main thing to remember is that we can be happy regardless of our choice to be in a relationship or not.

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