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How To Understand That In Front Of You Is A Gigolo Or A Swindler? 4 Types Of Scammers "for Love" - Relations
How To Understand That In Front Of You Is A Gigolo Or A Swindler? 4 Types Of Scammers "for Love" - Relations

Video: How To Understand That In Front Of You Is A Gigolo Or A Swindler? 4 Types Of Scammers "for Love" - Relations

Video: How To Understand That In Front Of You Is A Gigolo Or A Swindler? 4 Types Of Scammers "for Love" - Relations
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Each of us, when watching another story about male swindlers, thinks that this is not about her. But real life proves that no one is immune from anything, especially when it comes to scammers. The experienced gigolo has successfully used the schemes worked out over the years on dozens of women, and not always even a group statement to the police saves the situation

How to understand that there is a gigolo in front of you? Let's take a closer look at their varieties.

1. Household gigolo

Such a person will want you to take care of him, but he does not expect expensive things from you as a gift. He will just lie quietly on the couch all day, watching TV or playing computer games. And wait until you split your paycheck with him.

2. Victim of circumstance

This type is much more difficult to spot in the early stages of a relationship, because his plight is so dire and he expresses his suffering so sincerely that you will surely feel sorry for the poor fellow and help him. While he is comfortable with your home, you will notice that he only complains about life and the obstacles that prevent him from getting a job. Before you can blink an eye, you will be technically his only financial support in the shortest possible time.

3. The so-called "gigolo"

He does not hide his intentions. You will see how, shortly after meeting, he will begin to talk about exchanging sexual services for money. His targets are usually older women who don't mind paying a man's attention. Distinctive feature: the gigolo always tries to look courageous, looks after himself, is well-groomed, has a beautiful figure.

4. Professional

It's about the so-called marriage fraudster. This type is very good at what he does. He is so masterful at hiding his true intentions that he makes rich women believe in the sincerity of his feelings and marry him. He leaves shortly after the wedding, but not before he gets his money and property and targets another victim of the deception.

How to recognize a gigolo?

He is very well maintained and beautiful. Straight man of dreams! He always tries to wear the best and look attractive. His figure deserves special attention. But if he's not a prince or an Arab sheikh, you have to ask yourself, when does he find time for the gym, stylist, and manicure? For a hardworking man who devotes time to work, it would be difficult to find time for such conspicuous details.

He is overly polite. Well-mannered men are a rare breed these days, but for the gigolo, this is the main component of behavior. You may be fascinated by the way you treat yourself, but keep your ears open.

Shortly after you meet, he will ask you many questions about your family, your profession, and your income. You will also hear a story about his difficult life situation and his financial failures. All this is done in order to arouse your sympathy first, and then pity. Alphonses from the very first meeting can understand what type of woman was in front of him. They are very fond of a kind of "savior" who can not only give her salary, but also shelter any alcoholic and parasite. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such women, and sometimes we ourselves find it difficult to admit such behavior.

Too much ego is his main flaw. His problems are always more important, his struggles and aspirations come first. There is no room in his head for helping others or caring for anything other than himself.

He haunts you on social media. We often post too much information about ourselves on the Internet, and this is an opportunity for the development of the activities of fraudsters of various kinds. Men with selfish goals are looking for your weaknesses, your preferences, general topics using social networks. After the meeting, they will definitely write to you every day, and, most likely, without banal introductory phrases. They know how to push you to become a win-win.

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