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If You Are Dating Online. Pros, Cons And Pitfalls - Relations
If You Are Dating Online. Pros, Cons And Pitfalls - Relations

Video: If You Are Dating Online. Pros, Cons And Pitfalls - Relations

Video: If You Are Dating Online. Pros, Cons And Pitfalls - Relations
Video: How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps | Christina Wallace 2023, June

Statistics show that most single men and women prefer to search for their soul mate online. This probably shouldn't be surprising. Nowadays it is no longer customary to get acquainted in transport or on the street, in the office there is also not always such an opportunity, people go to theaters and cinema in pairs. All that remains is the virtual world - numerous social networks, online dating sites and applications for quickly finding a potential partner. However, unlike dating the old fashioned way, the world of the Internet is full of not only temptations, but also hidden pitfalls

Let's start with the advantages of online dating.


  • Big choice. You can upload your profile, where you will tell about yourself, view photos of potential partners, put "likes", receive messages, reply to them or write yourself to people you like. If we are talking about social networks, then we can not only study the profile of a person, find out what he likes, his tastes and preferences, but also see how he communicates with other users in order to form an opinion about him.
  • The ability to chat. Correspondence with the chosen gentleman gives an idea of what kind of person is in front of you. By the way your communication will take place, you can understand whether you like this subject, you want to continue communication with him in person.
  • Meet people from other cities / countries. The Internet erases boundaries. You can get to know a person who lives in another city or even a state. For these purposes, of course, you may need knowledge of a foreign language, but at first you can use online translators, which greatly simplifies communication.
  • You can find your soul mate. It is much easier to find someone on the Internet who will share your tastes and preferences than in real life, especially when it comes to some specialized sites or interest groups on social networks. There you can meet the same connoisseur of antiquity as you are, a lover of modern art, fishing, diving, skydiving or travel.

What are the disadvantages you can face once you decide to search for your soul mate with the help of dating sites and other virtual assistants.


  • Too large a choice of potential candidates devalues the very idea of finding a match so much that people get used to sorting and evaluating photos, conducting communication, instead of deepening their acquaintances on the Internet.
  • On the Internet, not only the picture does not always correspond to reality, but in general the risk of running into a scammer is much higher. "Princes", "oil kings", "military doctors" are found there more often than in real life, because they need more sponsorship from the ladies.
  • Not all men who meet women online are free. This also happens in life, but on the Internet there are many more people who are looking for adventure and relaxation from their family, so you need to keep your eyes open, especially if your goal is to build a personal life, and not get a headache.
  • There are many psychologically unstable and potentially problematic candidates on dating sites who are there to assert themselves at your expense. Indeed, it is easier to do this on the Internet than in real life.
  • You will have to go through a lot of husks before you find your one and only. And, perhaps, it will take more than one year. You need to be ready for this.

Summarizing all of the above, we can draw conclusions:

  1. If you want to find a man / woman using the Internet, you must understand why he / she is to you - for what purposes (marriage, meetings, one-time sex). Specifying goals helps in solving problems.
  2. Do not buy into beautiful words and pictures, if you are puzzled by finding a partner via the Internet, it means that you already have a certain life experience. Rely on it, intuition and common sense.
  3. Do not delay online correspondence, go offline: no matter what opportunities the Internet has, the most reliable opinion about a person can be obtained only in person, remember this.

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