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“Unnecessary People” In Life: How To Recognize Them And Remove Them From The Environment - Society
“Unnecessary People” In Life: How To Recognize Them And Remove Them From The Environment - Society

Video: “Unnecessary People” In Life: How To Recognize Them And Remove Them From The Environment - Society

Video: “Unnecessary People” In Life: How To Recognize Them And Remove Them From The Environment - Society
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They say they are dangerous and have a bad effect on your well-being, I met this - turn around and leave, get rid of him at the first opportunity. Narcissists, manipulators, "eternal victims" and other dubious personalities - how to sort out all this, identify the "enemy" and remove him from the inner circle?

In my opinion, in real life, the chances of meeting really dangerous, destructive people, from whom you definitely need to get rid of, are small. Most often, after studying parapsychological publications, completely ordinary people are recorded as narcissists or manipulators, whose behavior, for some reason, we do not like. All of us in certain circumstances at different periods of life for different people can be "unhelpful". Pay attention to how your relationship is developing and how your communication partners are showing themselves in contact with you.

It is worth considering if:

  1. You are ignored, they are not interested in you. If you don't write or call first, the person may not show up for months. However, as soon as you get in touch, you will hear a lot of enthusiasm and statements that he is glad and should meet. When meeting, the conversation will always revolve around his interests, experiences, needs. It is worth getting rid of the illusion that these relationships still exist and stop trying to revive them.
  2. You are being used. In this relationship, you perform some function, they only remember you if you need to complain about life, or ask for a favor, or when they want to have a good evening. You are a function, not a person, your state, feelings and experiences are simply not taken into account. We all like to feel in demand, however, it must be remembered that a person-function is interesting only as long as he can fulfill his "duties". And it is very easy and quick to find a replacement for him.
  3. You are manipulated into feelings of guilt and shame. You realize that you are constantly reproached, put on the face, scolded and punished. The communication partner takes the parental position, giving you the role of the child. On the other hand, sometimes your partner acts like a very disappointed, resentful, upset child, forcing you to take responsibility for his psychological comfort. In both cases, full-fledged relationships of mature, formed individuals will not work. You have the right to refuse these games and offer your own version of communication, and in case of refusal with a pure soul, break off the relationship.
  4. You are hurt, you are afraid. If you feel threatened in a relationship and you are anxious all the time, you don't know what to expect the next time you meet, leave. Whatever the reason for your partner's behavior, living in constant fear is a direct threat to your mental and physical health.
  5. You are being controlled. A friend gets offended if you want to stay home instead of spending the evening with her, disapproves of your new acquaintance, or makes fun of your hobbies. A controlling person denies his partner free will, perceives him as an object. Do not agree with attempts to objectify you, actively express your dissatisfaction, in extreme cases, resolutely refuse to communicate until it stops.
  6. They're dishonest with you. Everything happens, people hide and distort the truth for various reasons. Sometimes it is a "lie to the rescue" or other people's secrets. But if they are pathologically dishonest with you, then there are big problems with trust in the relationship. When it is undermined, a strong connection is out of the question.
  7. You are constantly criticized. If criticism does not come from the mouth of your teacher or great master, think about why it can be pronounced? Envy, the desire to prick, hurt, something like that. Should you continue a relationship with someone who constantly has these feelings towards you?

It's good if relationships, especially with loved ones, bring joy, make life better, if you feel warm, calm, comfortable and interesting in them. But if most of the time you feel uncomfortable and experience constant stress, this is a reason to think about breaking up.