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7 Types Of Female Loneliness - Relationships, Society
7 Types Of Female Loneliness - Relationships, Society

Video: 7 Types Of Female Loneliness - Relationships, Society

Video: 7 Types Of Female Loneliness - Relationships, Society
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Female loneliness is different. It can hide behind a mask of carelessness and joy. An outwardly successful woman surrounded by loved ones can suffer from it. Conventionally, women experiencing a feeling of loneliness and being in constant search can be divided into several types.

Consider 7 types of female loneliness

1. Eternal mistress

When entering into a relationship with a married man, a woman hopes that here she is true love, and of course, her chosen one will leave his legal wife and begin to rebuild happiness with her. But no. A decent number of years may pass in anticipation of this wonderful future, a woman-lover may become a “second” wife, give birth to a child and create a kind of surrogate for a family, but she will still remain in an eternally awaiting position. The second version of the type of mistress is a woman who consciously chooses short-term relationships. Deep complexes are usually hidden behind this carelessness and ease.

2. Asexual woman

Asexual people do not really have any or all of the need for sex. This is not deliberate celibacy, this is a lack of desire for sexual relations. The reasons may be different, but in any case, society does not consider such an orientation to be the norm. An asexual woman simply does not see the point in building relationships, because the main part of them recognized by society - sex - she does not need.

3. RSP

Another stereotype in modern society is the RSP. The negative experience of a relationship in which a child has appeared can disappoint a woman in a relationship in general, and she will consider the structure of her personal life a betrayal of the child. Men, in turn, because of the many stereotypes, are afraid to build relationships and take responsibility.

4. Careerist

Here there is a preponderance of priorities towards career, success and independence. Relationships, family, in the opinion of a career woman, will only interfere with success and takeoff in a career.

5. Injured

Childhood injuries can make life difficult for an adult woman. There can be many options for what happened in childhood, but it is still necessary to deal with them with a specialist.

6. Obsessed with a child

The desire to have a child becomes an obsession. All men are viewed exclusively through the magnifying glass of possible paternity. A family may be formed, but after the birth of a long-awaited child, it can quickly disintegrate.

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7. Queen

This type overlaps closely with the causes of female loneliness. High self-esteem is both cause and effect. A woman builds such a fortress around herself that there are simply no applicants to storm it. And excessive conceit is fueled from early childhood.

Loneliness can be quite unpleasant and can control behavior. But if this is really a problem, then you need to accept it and be with it. It is then that you will be able to push off and start living here and now. In harmony with yourself - this is real happiness.

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