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Is Female Loneliness Negative And Unnatural? Reasons And Stereotypes - Relations
Is Female Loneliness Negative And Unnatural? Reasons And Stereotypes - Relations

Video: Is Female Loneliness Negative And Unnatural? Reasons And Stereotypes - Relations

Video: Is Female Loneliness Negative And Unnatural? Reasons And Stereotypes - Relations
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Loneliness is an emotional and psychological state of a person associated with the absence of close positive connections with people and with the fear of losing them. Loneliness can be positive - a blessed solitude that can be easily corrected at will. And loneliness can also be negative - isolation is a stressful condition, the causes of which need to be seriously addressed. A popular topic in modern society is female loneliness

There are many marathons, webinars, courses designed to get a woman out of loneliness. One of the stereotypes of our time is that female loneliness is negative and unnatural. Unlike the male, about which the society does not have any questions. Stereotypes about female loneliness have been around for a long time. It was believed that it was difficult for a woman to survive alone, it was imperative to get married, and the very fact of marriage turned into a goal from the very birth of her daughter. Not getting married is a vice. This position is very convenient for men - it is a kind of guarantor that they will be cared for and put their interests first.

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However, female loneliness can be a deliberate move. And it is fundamentally different from the loneliness of a married woman - when a cold, emotionless relationship lurks behind the external picture. Unfortunately, those women who make an informed choice not to start a family are surrounded by stereotypes of society that convince them that such a choice is not the norm. It turns out that a woman seeks to create a family not for the sake of love, herself, future children, but in order not to seem inferior.

4 reasons why you're still alone

  1. Fear of being alone. It turns out a vicious circle - a woman starts a relationship in order to create a couple, with a desire not to be alone. But the relationship does not develop, a break follows, again a feeling of fear and loneliness and a rapid leap into a new relationship. Unfortunately, this female fear is noticeable and unattractive. The partner subconsciously feels your fear, this does not add sincerity and vivid emotions.
  2. The villain is fate. Yes, it so happens that both mom and grandmother did not get married or divorced, or something else happened. In fact, one absurd and tactless phrase about karma from the outside is enough for a woman to believe in “family karma” and a villainous fate. Logical reasoning and family history are no longer relevant.
  3. Prince and nothing less. A woman has in her head a certain ideal image of a life partner, whom she seeks to find, cutting off all the rest, as it seems to her, unworthy candidates. Where does this picture come from? For example, from childhood. The girl was told that she was an exceptional princess, all the others were just her entourage, that she deserves all the best.
  4. Work work. Of course, here it is not about the career itself and high employment, but about why a woman takes all her time with work. This may be an attempt to prove that she can and does it herself. A career replaces her relationship and family.

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