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Edge By Color. Art Therapy Workshop To Get Rid Of Fear And Go Beyond - The Quality Of Life
Edge By Color. Art Therapy Workshop To Get Rid Of Fear And Go Beyond - The Quality Of Life

Video: Edge By Color. Art Therapy Workshop To Get Rid Of Fear And Go Beyond - The Quality Of Life

Video: Edge By Color. Art Therapy Workshop To Get Rid Of Fear And Go Beyond - The Quality Of Life
Video: IC3PEAK – music and modern art (English subs) / вДудь 2023, June

How wonderful it is to be an arrow shot at the target! Fly freely, enjoy the process and see the deep meaning of what is happening. Live according to your vocation, listen to your own needs and believe in the friendliness of others. For such a life, we, like air, need courage, courage and passion. Where do they come from and how to maintain them? We offer you an art therapy workshop

It is difficult to form in oneself a strong interest in something and a passionate desire to comprehend this only by willpower. Something more is needed that is not subject to control and conscious effort. And this something is present in our inner content from the very birth. See how enthusiastically the children play, with what persistence they explore the outside world and how fearlessly they take a step forward. Throughout life, this fearlessness is "hammered" by various fears, doubts, anxieties. Our main battery inside, capable of working with high efficiency, begins to be spent on side processes. And what, in fact, can reduce this efficiency and put barriers on the way to the goal? We believe that the main "thieves" of forces and resources are the Fear of error, excessive Control and rigid Frameworks. Fear, control and limits are the targets of today's workshop.


You will need: a piece of Whatman paper as a backing, five to six sheets of thick A5 paper or less, gouache, brushes of different sizes, buttons, a palette, an easel (or any vertical surface to which you can attach paper with buttons). You will paint pictures - just like that, for fun. This is an important process, you will succeed, even if you last held a brush in your hands in the fifth grade during an art lesson. Hang up whatman paper and attach sheets of A5 paper to it with at least ten centimeters of space between them.

Instruction. One way to connect to the infinite source within you is through creativity. It is very important to allow yourself to create without regard to the canons of beauty and other aesthetic frames. Create a space for yourself to express yourself. Put paints of different colors on the palette and, without specially mixing them, brush over them with a brush. Let the color mix already on the sheet. You need to completely fill the sheets with the background. It is important that you do not slow down in front of the edge of the sheet, but continue to boldly move the brush further. Allow yourself to go beyond the box and you will see that the background fits more evenly and beautifully.

When the background on all the prepared sheets is dry, dip your fingertips in the paint and draw cosmic flowers, stars, fireworks. You will get vivid images that you can insert into frames and admire.

Value. This exercise is rooted in the art-therapeutic principle and allows you to see the important meaning in being spontaneous, trusting your child's creativity, abandoning a specific predicted result and just enjoying the process.

2. Art therapy workshop "FREE MOVEMENT"

You will need: free space, comfortable clothes, a stereo system or a player.

Instruction. Take a time for yourself, tune in to rest, turn on your favorite music. Listen to her, to her mood, melody … What message does this music convey to you? How do you answer it? Begin to move to the music - perhaps at first this will be the stereotypical movements learned in the disco or dance classes, but your task is to dance so that you do not know what the next movement will be. Let your body move by itself, catch the wave! Dance while you feel like moving. The dance can last for five minutes, or it can stretch for half an hour - the body can so miss free movement.

Repeat this exercise for relaxation, stress relief, in times of difficulty and in dead-end situations when it is difficult to find a way out or get emotional release. Don't be afraid of what you get - the dance of rage and anger is as good as the dance of love and tranquility. Your body can do everything - give it a chance.

Value. From childhood, we teach ourselves to move in accordance with the rules of decency - the way it is accepted in society. First, we stop jumping through puddles, running, jumping, and then we forbid ourselves to breathe deeply and sing when we want. The body gets used to fetters and limitations and forgets what it is like to be free. And passion and passion is the experience of freedom and movement. If you are constrained, it will be very difficult for you to maintain a fire of interest. Move!


(Art therapy workshop based on the technique described by Ada Bykovskaya)

You will need: a sheet of paper (board, drawing paper), a pencil.

Instruction. In the center of the sheet, write down the main idea that captured you. Let it be the thesis or keywords of your project. Circle what is written. Then, in no particular order around your goal, start writing down whatever comes to mind in relation to the main point. These can be single words, links, ideas, or events. Circle each entry in an oval to separate it from the others. Take a close look at your notes and draw arrows between the entries that are related in meaning to each other. You will see in which semantic field your central idea is located, which moments are really important. Ideas and phenomena that were left without connections can be thrown out of the big picture. Rather, they "belong" not to your process, but are echoes of various fears and anxieties.

Value. Often the fear of making a mistake, anxiety, and fear become obstacles to the implementation of your idea. They literally eat up all your courage. The described technique helps to deceive fears, since we are talking about working with your creativity, which is simply unknown cause-effect relationships and logical calculations.

Appreciate your passion, feed it with creativity and spontaneity. Remember - nothing is impossible, there is only something difficult to do right now. The art therapy workshop will help you with this.

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