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How To Understand That He No Longer Loves You. 8-question Self-test - Relations
How To Understand That He No Longer Loves You. 8-question Self-test - Relations

Video: How To Understand That He No Longer Loves You. 8-question Self-test - Relations

Video: How To Understand That He No Longer Loves You. 8-question Self-test - Relations
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"Happily ever after" without crises in relationships occurs only in fairy tales. In real life, we change every day, make decisions, make choices, come to new thoughts. Accordingly, our emotions towards a person change too. Do you think he doesn't love you anymore?

If it suddenly happens that your beloved, in your opinion, has lost interest in you, do not rush to sob into your pillow or pack your suitcases. First, analyze his behavior for the following points. And if everything matches, then make an informed decision.

So here are the signs that a man no longer loves you:

1. You have a break in communications. If a man began to abruptly disappear "at work", "busy", "tired", while evaporation from the field of vision occurs not only physically (he does not come), but he does not even find an opportunity to call back or write a message. As my friend said, a man cannot call in two cases - if his fingers are broken or he died. Anything else means he doesn't want to.

2. He is near, but you have no physical interaction. This is not only sex, but any tactile communication seems to have evaporated from your communication. He does not hug, does not kiss, and if you take the initiative, he contracts and tenses. A sure sign that a man is excluding you from his "near field".

3. “Your” words disappear from speech. Each couple has their own cipher code and their own affectionate designations for each other, at the moment when “my predatory cat” becomes “Tatiana”, the intimacy of the secret code dissolves, you seem to be pushed out of your space. Naturally, we are not talking about a "one-time action", but about a stable trend.

4. He abruptly begins to emphasize exclusively your shortcomings, and those with which he previously coexisted quite tolerably: you cook poorly, you are a slob, I am tired of your friends, work, study.

5. Help and responsiveness. Your problems are now only your problems. He - either technically merges from helping you, or ignores your requests.

6. Ease and humor disappear from relationships. No comment.

7. Time is on you - it becomes less and less, and almost no more.

8. His life is covered with a web of secrets - he no longer shares current events, and plans for the future do not include you.

And most importantly, you do not need any special signs to recognize "dislike" - if you are able to see and feel your partner, you have developed empathy - you can easily count the slightest changes in behavior, tone of voice, in the space between you. If you do not notice anything, but after the fact you find out the hard-hitting truth, then, attention, the question is - perhaps you did not want to see, perhaps you “completed” your reality with your desires for something that did not exist in reality? Perhaps the level of your internal communication remained at the stage “I think he thinks so …”, but you just didn't have the strength and courage to sit down and talk?

Therefore, if you have matched less than half of the points, it is likely that you are just a little tired of each other, and over time everything will work out. But if everything coincided, or almost everything, then it is worth considering whether to continue this relationship. Because a man will hardly be able to stop loving a woman overnight; most likely, discord in your couple has been brewing for a long time and now he no longer loves you. Look for reasons and consider your actions. Good luck!

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