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“By Age, Menopause Is Coming Soon. How To Prepare, What To Do In Advance? " - The Quality Of Life
“By Age, Menopause Is Coming Soon. How To Prepare, What To Do In Advance? " - The Quality Of Life

Video: “By Age, Menopause Is Coming Soon. How To Prepare, What To Do In Advance? " - The Quality Of Life

Video: “By Age, Menopause Is Coming Soon. How To Prepare, What To Do In Advance? " - The Quality Of Life
Video: Preparing Yourself for Menopause 2023, December

It is best to start preparing for menopause early. As a rule, representatives of the fair sex begin to face this process, natural for every female body, at the age of 40-50 years. Someone's menopause begins earlier, someone later. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. But no one will be able to avoid this. The more calmly you accept the coming changes and the more ready you are morally for them, the easier you will endure this process

Most of the symptoms of menopause are well understood. Therefore, having crossed a certain age line, one should not refuse to read medical and psychological literature, which describes in detail not only the symptoms of this period, but also the methods that help to cope with them in one way or another. After all, forewarned is forearmed. Knowing how menopause affects the body, what happens to it during hormonal fluctuations, how long this period will last, it is much easier to understand the nature of the changes from a psychological point of view, realizing that you are not alone, and many women have gone through the same Problems.

You should know that hormonal changes often affect the character of a woman: for example, a wave of tears can suddenly roll in. On the one hand, this must be perceived normally, but on the other, this is evidence of some unresolved emotional blocks in the body. Hormonal restructuring exacerbates sensitivity, so the emotions that were received during life and "stuck" in the body require an outlet.

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No matter how paradoxical it may sound, emotions have a material essence. When you are afraid, your mouth gets dry, when you are sad, you have a lump in your throat, when you are nervous, you may develop diarrhea. Emotions affect the body. During menopause, all emotions are exacerbated, irritability appears, you can break out on your husband, on children - this indicates that your emotional blocks in the body are not relaxed, you have not got rid of them. Therefore, you need to gather strength and work with a specialist to let go of all your old grievances, everything you have experienced and look at everything with different eyes. And this will undoubtedly affect your health, no matter how much medicine you drink, it will not have the desired effect and will not add psychological comfort to you. Therefore, I would recommend leaning on spiritual development during menopause.

If you do not have the opportunity to work through your problems with a psychologist, you can find a favorite pastime, a hobby that you could go headlong into. It would be so entertaining for you that your interest in life would be preserved, and the goals you want to achieve would give you a positive emotional attitude. And then, despite the menopause, you will live a full life. Age is not an obstacle to getting carried away and doing some new things: dancing, embroidery, travel, learning some new disciplines. Interesting things help to develop and find meaning in life.

It is equally important to try to direct your thoughts in a positive way. Tell yourself more often: "I am young and I am in the position of a 12-year-old girl." What do 12 year old girls do? They learn, develop, have fun and enjoy life. You may well take an example from them.

If for any reason you don't like being a teenager, you can do it differently - accept your age and see a lot of advantages in it. You can finally breathe freely and start living for yourself. Children are already adults and independent, you no longer need to educate them, do not sleep at night if they are sick. You have a lot of free time that you can spend with pleasure on yourself. For example, studying foreign languages or mathematics will be a great brain training, because you need it.

It has been scientifically proven that human aging is a natural process, but it begins with the brain. The more you exercise your brain, the more likely you are to stay young despite your menopause

Also, do not forget about the benefits of movement and an active lifestyle, which help to keep the body in good shape and the head in order. Go in for sports, especially since today there are a lot of opportunities for this: you can ride a bike, visit the gym, swim in the pool, get involved in yoga or Scandinavian walking. Movement is life!

It is also important to work with the body because during menopause a woman often resorts to hysterics, and hysteria is an unexpressed anger that has been sitting in the body for years, accumulating from past grievances. Breathing practices, meditation, relaxing salt baths or walks in the bosom of nature are excellent ways to get rid of accumulated anger. For example, you can come into the forest and shout to relieve tension, complain to trees about troubles, and then calmly return home in a good mood and not spoil anyone's mood.