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Comedy "The Canterville Ghost" - Partner News
Comedy "The Canterville Ghost" - Partner News

Video: Comedy "The Canterville Ghost" - Partner News

Video: Comedy "The Canterville Ghost" - Partner News
Video: #storybooksenglish# Learn English and Improve Vocabulary Through Story:30 Ghost Stories (part 5to10) 2023, December

November 8 12:00 and 15:00

On the small stage of "Theatrium" - the premiere of the comedy "The Canterville Ghost" based on the fairy tale of the same name by the English writer Oscar Wilde. The director is Maria Linder

The Theatrium invites you to meet Sir Simon Canterville! This is an artistic, personable, sophisticated, professional … ghost.

At night, he scares the inhabitants of an ancient English family castle, and over the centuries he has been very successful in this business. The British are very afraid of Sir Canterville, but the new owners of the castle - the family of the American Ambassador to Great Britain, Hiram B. Otis - do not really stand on ceremony with him. But who knows: maybe someone from this noisy family will save his soul doomed to centuries of wandering and become his friend.

For Maria Linder "The Canterville Ghost" is the first directorial work in the theater. With this story, she begins the project "Authors' Tales of the World for Children". As a filmmaker and film producer, Maria Linder has integrated the elements of fiction into the performance, allowing the young audience to immerse themselves deeper into the story of the character - Sir S. Canterville.

Maria Linder: “I have always been drawn to be friends with classical literature. My best friends are on the bookshelf, they educate and inspire. I originally conceived The Canterville Ghost as a short film 5 years ago. All this time I was looking for a way to make the film in such a way that vivid and vivid emotion would not be lost in it. But fate brought me to Teresa Durova's Teatrium, to this fabulous house, where there is the same living energy that is necessary for any children's story. What I did not find in the cinema, I found in the theater. The viewer will see the "Canterville Ghost" familiar to them with hooligan elements."

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