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To The 75th Anniversary Of Alexander Zhurbin: Big Festival "Seriously And Easy!" - Partner News
To The 75th Anniversary Of Alexander Zhurbin: Big Festival "Seriously And Easy!" - Partner News

Video: To The 75th Anniversary Of Alexander Zhurbin: Big Festival "Seriously And Easy!" - Partner News

Video: To The 75th Anniversary Of Alexander Zhurbin: Big Festival "Seriously And Easy!" - Partner News
Video: Art-concert dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Soviet composer Alexander Mosolov 2023, March

Composer Alexander Zhurbin celebrates his 75th anniversary on a grand scale - from September 2020 to February 2021, his 5th Anniversary Festival "Seriously and Easy!" Will be held, filled with events, the variety of which can only be envied. There are symphonic and vocal concerts, premieres of performances and operas, an exhibition and presentation of a book, video screenings of performances and film premieres. And most of the compositions that were included in the festival program were created by Zhurbin over the past 5 years.

What is the secret of Alexander Borisovich's amazing productivity and inexhaustible energy? In a sincere and deep love for music and full devotion to his vocation. In love for life and everything that fills it! In a sensitive relation to family and friends.

“Thank God, Creator, Demiurge, Destiny - call it what you want - for the fact that I live such an interesting, unusual and vibrant life,” says Alexander Zhurbin. - In general, I am satisfied with my life. I still have many creative and life plans."

We have selected 5 of the 20 events of the 5th Big Anniversary Festival of Alexander Zhurbin. On them Zhurbin will appear in different creative guises: composer, librettist, writer, singer and musician.

1. Symphony concert

September 23 19:00

Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky

The whole evening on stage - the State Academic Symphony Capella of Russia n / a Valery Polyansky. The conductor is young, but already known to many music lovers Philip Chizhevsky.

The State Capella is one of the best symphony orchestras in Moscow, it has been collaborating with Alexander Zhurbin for many years and more than once was the first performer of the composer's works. She is entrusted with the world premiere again! This time - the Sixth Symphony called “Sinfonia con programma letterale”, which means “Symphony with a literary program”, or simply “Program Symphony”. Zhurbin decided not to reveal the meaning of the word "program", leaving the public and criticism free to imagination. But the main message is still there, and it sounds like a manifesto: The symphony exists!

Another premiere of the evening is "Dithyramb" for cello and orchestra, soloist - Rustam Komachkov. And the precious casket of Zhurbin's compositions will be "taken out" by the Concerto for Piano with the subtitle "St. Petersburg" (1971), soloist - Polina Osetinskaya. What big names are on the billboard!

2. Concert performance of the opera "Anna K."

13 October 19:00

Concert Hall. P. I. Tchaikovsky

Several operas have been announced in the festival program. One of them is the composer's cherished dream. For many years Zhurbin intended to write an opera based on Leo Tolstoy's “Anna Karenina”. But I wanted something special. And so, in collaboration with Anna Rodionova and Sergei Plotov, he embodied an interesting idea. The tragedy opera with the mysterious name "Anna K." was born.

Another Anna Karenina became her heroine. And that same Anna gets hit by a train in the prologue. One of the characters in the opera is the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The action takes place in two time periods: in the first half of the 70s of the XIX century and on November 16 and 17, 1893.

Concert performance of "Anna K." (version director - Igor Yatsko, on stage - the State Academic Symphony Capella of Russia, conductor - Valery Polyansky) intrigues with both the plot and the music - after all, we are talking about the world premiere again!

3. Opera Buffa "Happy Day"

October 27 19:00

Tula Regional Philharmonic named after I. A. Mikhailovsky

17 November 19:00

Moscow International House of Music. Theater Hall

The opera buffa Happy Day is the final of Zhurbin's trilogy of major operas (the other two are the romantic drama Albert and Giselle, the tragedy opera Anna K.). It was created in a genre that has almost disappeared, buffa, and according to the canons of classical opera.

It is based on "The King's New Dress" and motifs from other fairy tales by G. H. Andersen. But Alexander Zhurbin with playwright and poet Mikhail Marfin invented a completely different story. About two young people, Hans and Martin, who are not crooks at all, but real high-class tailors, even a couturier, and next to the king, royal minister, maid of honor, innkeeper, his daughter Elsa … In a word, everyone who was supposed to appear in a beautiful fairy-tale opera …

There is a love line, and objects for ridicule, and an indication of the vices of absolute power, and a reflection of pressing problems of our time, such as endless repairs or paid parking. Such a multifaceted opera turned out, which was staged specially for the festival by directors Polina Berten and Dmitry Markin. The work will be performed by the Tula Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Vladislav Lavrik) and the soloists of the Moscow musical theaters.

4. Presentation of the book "Behind-the-scenes secrets and other stories"

October 1 19:00

Museum-Estate "Tsaritsyno", Bread House

"Behind the Scenes and Other Stories" is the 9th book by Alexander Zhurbin, published in 2020 by the publishing house "ArsisBuks". It consists of essays and essays, obituaries and commentaries, as well as many interviews that the composer gave and took. The publication also includes "Babies" - scattered fragments on a variety of topics - and even poetic impromptu.

Well, the presentation is a great opportunity to personally meet the author, his musical and literary work and a circle of close friends and get an autograph as a keepsake.

5. Concert "The Zhurbin Family"

28 november 19:00

Central House of Actor named after A. A. Yablochkina

The participants in the concert are the composer's inner circle.

Firstly, Irina Ginzburg-Zhurbina is a wife, spouse, girlfriend, Muse, source of inspiration, Alexander's inspiration and many more words in a synonymous row, translator, poet, writer. She is the co-author of A. Zhurbin, and sings with him. Secondly, the son of Lev Zhurbin, a famous American composer, conductor, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, author of music for cinema and theater. And thirdly, Alexander's friends are artists, writers, humorists, singers. Perhaps this concert promises to be the warmest and most soulful event of the 5th Zhurbin Big Anniversary Festival.

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