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What Game Are You Playing With Life? - Society
What Game Are You Playing With Life? - Society

Video: What Game Are You Playing With Life? - Society

Video: What Game Are You Playing With Life? - Society
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The habit of being unhappy and looking for difficulties is sometimes so great that there is no way to exhale even when everything is fine. As if real yourself are not enough and you need to hurry somewhere, achieve something and prove your right to happiness. Necessarily there are reasons to be dissatisfied with yourself and reasons to grieve about the injustice of life. What game are you playing with life?

To experience pleasure and immerse yourself in short, but happy moments is obtained when the significance of goals and conformities to someone decreases. Dissatisfaction with oneself and one's life ceases to haunt when the process is carried away and the first results appear. At the initial stage, they may be insignificant and small for someone, but it is the first results that give the feeling that "everything is fine with me."

Whatever we do, if we do something with interest and passion, it always feels like a game. A game in which you set the rules yourself and yourself choose the roles for this game

We all played something in childhood, and our memory keeps memories when the process of the game carried away and immersed in ourselves so much that time, someone's opinion, bruises and abrasions ceased to matter. The game itself and the excitement that it gave was important. Whatever our game is now: money, relationships, career, creativity - as long as there is interest: “What else can I think of and do?”, We will enjoy our participation in this game.

Adult games

With age, our games and their decorations, attributes change, the participants differ from those that accompanied us in childhood, but the game itself always remains and is present in our life. Adult games are different: in some, wings spread and talents are manifested, others are immersed in the depths of despair.

The origins of the games we play now are often found in childhood. So, for example, when a girl is taught from childhood that some "Masha" is better, and the girl herself is ignored, a devaluation of herself is formed against the background of admiration for others. An unconscious search for their own shortcomings and confirmation that "something is wrong with me" begins.

As crazy as it may sound, but such searches, since they give some certainty, carry away and become one of the games that continues in adulthood. By playing the game with the search for our own shortcomings, by mature age we acquire a firm conviction that it is impossible to choose what we like, “play” what we want, and act as we see it. Instead of our own games, we choose strangers in which others play the main and significant roles.

Devaluation of oneself and one's qualities is manifested in the refusal both to independently recognize one's own value, and in the recognition of this value on the part of others

Say I'm Good

The belief that "I'm not okay" robs the credibility of admiration, but the need to be recognized, accepted, and understood remains. To close it, to compensate for the lack of acceptance, a new game is turned on: "Say I'm good." The insidiousness of this game is that no matter how many compliments, kind and sweet words are poured on a woman who does not accept herself inside, there will always be few of them. No matter how much you try to fill her with care, love, gratitude and admiration, if there is a rejection of yourself and your merits, not a single word of praise will be accepted sincerely. As long as there is no self-confidence inside, no external infusions will fill the inner emptiness.

Self-confidence and self-acceptance begins when you change the rules of the game that you do not like, and if you cannot change these rules, then you stop playing what does not bring satisfaction, does not qualitatively change life and does not give joy.

There are people who say, "I will go and learn to draw when I retire." It's like earning the freedom to be yourself at a certain age. The irony is that when the long-awaited retirement happens, then the hands are shaking and the eyes do not see, because at one time I did not want to look at the work of my own hands, to which the years were devoted. To a happy pension, alas, there is no main thing: the ability to live for yourself, for your own pleasure, for fun.

All my life was busy justifying the refusal to do what I loved, and the pictures remained unpainted

Disbelief in oneself, in one's dreams, justifying inaction by the lack of a suitable time and conditions, is also reinforced by the fear of doing something funny, absurd, and absurd. But you can screw up and screw up in any case, in any business, even in the one that you do constantly.

You can at any time

You can start doing what you like, get impudent and decide that you are capable of anything at any time. The question of choice: which games do I want to continue playing? Yes, not everything will immediately turn out as we would like it to, but when there is the main thing: interest and dedication, then any result pleases.

Even when the conviction lasts from childhood that “I have no right to play my favorite games”, because I don’t have the necessary diplomas, but at the same time there is a desire to try, there is an interest in watching what brings joy, then this is enough to start …

The freedom to be yourself is gained gradually

Choosing to do what you like, with every step, stroke, line, you come closer to your dreams, which beckon with beauty and excite blood with courage. Over time, it does not matter whether they will appreciate it or not. The meaning of inclusion in the game is multivariate: both with the aim of entertaining oneself, and with the aim of manifesting, and with the aim of interacting with those with whom one wants to be, and with the aim of laying the foundation for another game, and for the purpose of self-learning.

I remember freezing with a brush over a sheet of white paper. Do you know what I was thinking? "How not to spoil!". But with each spoiled sheet, my interest grew more and more: “What can I improve here? How else can you decorate this sheet? " It became more interesting to play the artist, because I allowed myself to find out: "What can I do even better."

Choosing the game of suffering and self-criticism is dangerous. The main role in these games always requires the creation of an image that the loser hero must match

The danger is that the images we create with our self-image have incredible power to influence our lives. I’m sure you have a lot of examples of this: what you believe in, you get, what you don’t believe doesn’t exist in life.

You need to accustom yourself to be careful in the choice of games and their roles in them, since the choice determines what life is filled with.

Make a revision:

  • What game / games are you playing?
  • What roles and images do you choose for yourself?
  • What do you most often think about yourself, about people, about your affairs, about the world?
  • In what way, with what state, mood?
  • Compare your answers with what your life is filling now.

I have never met a person who would think that the world is dangerous and would not find confirmation of this in reality. But if you are looking for resources even in the most difficult life circumstances, then they are. If you choose your attitude towards yourself and choose your state, then you learn to choose the best for yourself. And then you are convinced again: "Everything is all right with me."