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5 Dangerous Women's Habits That Kill Love - Relations
5 Dangerous Women's Habits That Kill Love - Relations

Video: 5 Dangerous Women's Habits That Kill Love - Relations

Video: 5 Dangerous Women's Habits That Kill Love - Relations
Video: 5 Habits That Ruin Relationships 2023, June

Love is a wonderful feeling. It can visit you in the blink of an eye and just as quickly fly away from your life, leaving only memories of itself. Sometimes the reason for the cooling that has arisen between partners lies in banal things - habits that prevented the establishment of contact between two loving people - and they kill love

5 factors that kill love

1. Desire to control everything

Absolute power over a man, what could be more pleasant for a woman? But, unfortunately, not all representatives of the strong half of humanity like it. They want to be free: some declare this timidly, while others offer staunch resistance to total control over their lives. Therefore, no matter how much you want to dictate your will, driving a man under the heel, you need to restrain yourself, you need to introduce restrictive measures gradually, carefully, so that the mosquito, or rather the man, does not undermine your nose. This is a whole art - not everyone can do it. Or you must immediately look for someone who will obey and obey in everything. Otherwise, there will be no end and end to a series of scandals that kill love.

2. Attempts to re-educate

This is the other extreme, into which the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love to fall. First, they find a conditional young man, they seem to be happy with everything, they marry him, and then it turns out that he does not completely correspond to the ideal. What to do with him now? That's right, reeducate! However, the reality is that people don't change. Of course, a man can compromise, he will try to squeeze out of himself what is not, but at some point the system will fail, he will kick up and, as an option, run away from the teacher.

3. Role-playing games

When a woman tries to pretend she is not, plays a role, wears a mask to please, the man quickly understands this. Even if it seems to you that you are a professional in acting, falsity and insincerity are read on a subconscious level. A man can and will continue to communicate with you, but you should not hope that this will be a truly serious relationship. In addition, you cannot wear a mask all your life, someday you will have to open your face and become who you really are.

4. Disguise

Probably all women tend to start from afar, speak in hints, throw glances and generally expect that the man himself will guess what is on their minds. But, unfortunately, men are arranged differently - they completely lack X-ray vision, they do not understand hints at all, they always need specifics. At the same time, a woman, hinting and thinking, begins to expect male actions from her chosen one, but there are none - he did not understand anything. As a result, she sulks at him, because he is miser, bad, insensitive and, most likely, does not love. He does not understand why she has lost interest in him (he does not know that in her head there is a whole plan to conquer the world, or rather, a logical chain has lined up from did not buy / did not do to dislikes). As a result, the relationship collapses, and all because these two simply could not agree.

5. Lack of flexibility

Flexibility is the very quality that helps to find a common language with a partner, take his place, understand him and agree with him. Ideally, two people should be flexible. It is not very correct when flexibility is required exclusively from women. Times have changed: both man and woman, if they are interested in living happily ever after, must meet halfway. It is bad when one of the partners lacks the flexibility and desire to hear the other person. When a man does not have this, a woman tries to compensate for it for two. But when a woman cannot be flexible, the man can turn around and walk away.

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