Wish Visualization Board: What You Need To Know? - Self-development
Wish Visualization Board: What You Need To Know? - Self-development

Video: Wish Visualization Board: What You Need To Know? - Self-development

Video: Wish Visualization Board: What You Need To Know? - Self-development
Video: How To Make A Vision Board That REALLY Works! | Law of Attraction 2023, June

“Today I am sure that it was no coincidence that I found this program, and I cannot imagine that I would have done the past month and a half without these daily tasks and feedback. It was as if I was taken in tow and pulled out of the negative emotional pit into which I slipped.

Everything is very interesting, and every day there is always something new. In my life I never thought that I would imagine on the most unexpected topics and think about questions for which I did not find time to think. I was recently told: "You look like you went somewhere." And I went on these imaginary journeys, in which I understood a lot.

I liked foreign words very much, as if I opened new emotions. The fulfillment of intentions is a great thing, I began to apply immediately and now always! But the main thing is that I figured out my desires, and I didn't need much. And what I really need is that I understood how to do it, and it is even very difficult, but I know that it is for sure.

Boris, thank you very much! The program will end soon and I will miss your assignments."

Katya A.

Program 51 days for change - a collection of techniques, tasks and exercises for the desired changes in yourself and your behavior. Everything that the Program participants learn, try and practice is based on scientific research.

Take, for example, the so-called visualization board, or a collage of desires. This is a board on which we attach photos of beautiful houses, cars, ourselves with a perfect figure, motivational inscriptions and the like. The board can also be in electronic form.

Some are sure that it works like magic, and such visualization of the desired "turns on" the Universe, which frantically begins to look for ways to deliver it all. The universe is forced to do this, following the "law of attraction" widely advertised in esoteric literature. It may work this way in some universe, but in ours it leads to failure, as research shows.

Visualizing the desired result at the very beginning of the journey really charges you with both energy and motivation. But focusing on the result, in the end, leads to a loss of motivation and unwillingness to do something to achieve the goal. The brain can take such a picture too literally and consider that everything has been achieved, and if so, why try to do something?

Therefore, it is recommended to use a small picture of the desired future, and next to it - a larger image of how you achieve it. If your goal is a slim figure, then along with the photo of the model you are striving for, you can put a couple of photos of you running or eating healthy food.

Another point - words and pictures affect us in different ways. Pictures are better understood if they represent something that is desired in the foreseeable future, and words - that which is far and abstract from us. If this is not taken into account, you can significantly reduce the probability of achieving the goal.

The visualization board as a technique for achieving goals is a working technique, but not a particularly important technique. But even with her, as we see, you need to know how to handle. The visualization shown in the beginning is at least useless.

In the program for 51 days for the changes it proposed anything that will help you achieve your desired.

The program is open today. Try the first three days without paying and see if that's right for you.

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