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“How To Get Rid Of The Constant Feeling Of Fear? So Tired Of Waiting For Trouble ”- Self-development, Society
“How To Get Rid Of The Constant Feeling Of Fear? So Tired Of Waiting For Trouble ”- Self-development, Society

Video: “How To Get Rid Of The Constant Feeling Of Fear? So Tired Of Waiting For Trouble ”- Self-development, Society

Video: “How To Get Rid Of The Constant Feeling Of Fear? So Tired Of Waiting For Trouble ”- Self-development, Society
Video: How To Stop Feeling Scared All The Time 2023, March

Good day! Last year, after my father's death, I began to notice that I was very often anxious and afraid of something. As if something irreparable is about to happen. I'm tired of living this way, tired of waiting for trouble. I am constantly afraid for my loved ones, for myself. I'm trying to distract myself with something, but it doesn't help for long. My husband does not understand what is happening to me, he is even angry with me. And I see that this is already affecting my health - headaches have appeared, everything annoys me and I don't want to see anyone. How to get rid of the constant feeling of fear and start living a normal life?

Olga, 45 years old

Hello Olga! The problem of obsessive anxiety, feelings of fear is very common and not as harmless as it might seem. We are so accustomed to living in speed, changing scenery, with a background of frightening news that we do not have time to cope with constant stress. Anxiety has become our everyday companion and has ceased to seem unusual, but it is not. The normal state is calmness, confidence and the absence of unnecessary worries. Let's try to figure out what is happening to you and how it can be solved.

Fact or fiction - what is the reason?

Anxiety can be based on real or contrived facts. Truth is what happened to you or can happen for real reasons. You have experienced the death of a loved one. Rather, your anxiety is about the fact that this may happen again, and you cannot influence it. This is adequate anxiety, but this does not mean that it does not need to be dealt with.

Sleep disturbances, nervousness, and signs of depression are all somatic responses to fear

You subconsciously want to solve a situation that hasn't happened yet. But the illusion of control is that a person is not able to totally control everything. None of us know when we will die and cannot project the possibility of an accident or illness. Therefore, identifying with a situation that may not happen is not to control, but to engage in self-destruction.

It so happens that anxiety is not caused by certain stressful events, the causes of anxiety and feelings of fear are unconscious. In this case, we are talking about inadequate, excessive anxiety. It can be provoked by events that were not regarded by the psyche as stress. For example, problems in the family that you do not attach importance to. The husband reacts to your fears with irritation, it offends you, but you do not contradict him, believing that you are wrong, overly anxious, and he is just reasonable and adequate.

Before you is a situation of a vicious circle of excessive anxiety, which is spurred on by devalued from neighbors. In fact, you need support and help and have every right to do so

Problems at work can also be the cause of obsessive anxiety. Injustice, unhealthy competition, high responsibility and the inability to change the situation form a compulsive anxiety state.

Sometimes the body generates anxiety, making it clear that there are some problems. In such cases of unreasonable anxiety, it is recommended to consult a doctor for a standard medical examination.

How to deal with tired feelings of anxiety?

  • If past stresses and health problems have been ruled out, and the condition is not improving, it is recommended to consult a specialist. You will be able to work through your individual case and find all possible means, including medications, to correct the situation. There is no need to be ashamed of your anxiety, and even more so to ignore it.
  • Take care of yourself. A full sleep, a change of impressions (in any format possible now), communication with pleasant people, a healthy varied diet, a new hobby are not trifles, but the very factors that contribute to the normalization of the emotional background.
  • Eliminate stress if possible. What happened has already happened. You need to endure this, get sick, mourn, in no case ignore and let go. It will happen anyway, perhaps now is not the time. Now you need to try to insulate yourself from the annoying and disturbing things: the daily news, toxic friends, aggressive colleagues.
  • Listen to yourself. Your body needs help, not overcoming the daily "through I can not". Listen, maybe you don't want to do something right now. Perhaps this can be done later or ask for help. By listening to yourself, you can become aware of which feelings make you worry and get rid of them.
  • Feel free to ask for help. And this primarily concerns the home way of life. Ask your loved ones to help, do not take everything on yourself. The body does not like such experiments and responds accordingly.

Remember that anxiety cannot be ignored. There are many things you can do successfully on your own. In addition, you can always go to a specialist and get rid of anxiety and feelings of fear.

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