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How Men Rate Women From Photos And Videos - Relations
How Men Rate Women From Photos And Videos - Relations

Video: How Men Rate Women From Photos And Videos - Relations

Video: How Men Rate Women From Photos And Videos - Relations
Video: Ranking Men By Attractiveness | 5 Guys vs 5 Girls 2023, June

In your photos and videos that you post on social networks for everyone to see in search of a groom, you must demonstrate what men pay most attention to.

So what will your potential "prince" be looking at first?

The fact is that when a man sees a beautiful woman, his brain begins to produce certain signals that contribute to the production of testosterone and the hormone of love and hard work dopamine. This hormonal "shot" makes him move, take some actions, decisions, take care of the object of desire.

What pushes him to deeds?

The main criteria are very simple. The first is the "hourglass" figure, which indicates the health of a woman, because he is interested in the appearance of offspring. Second, if a woman knows how to flirt, that is, to show the flexibility and grace of her body, then, accordingly, sexual signals become especially bright and obvious. If she gives these sexual signals, then the man unconsciously reacts to them, whether he wants it or not. For example, if a girl sways her hips while walking, it means that she has healthy reproductive organs - this is how the male brain deciphers the mechanism of evolution and, of course, also reacts. Also at gunpointattention is drawn to a beautiful smile, pleasant laughter, during which a lady can open her mouth wide without hesitation, showing white teeth and a pink tongue. These are also signals of health that do not leave a man indifferent. A girl with aching teeth or complexes will cover her mouth with her hand or smile with her mouth closed. Due to the tightness, she produces the stress hormone cortisol, which is also a sign of ill health. The gentlemen feel it and remain indifferent.

The man also pays attention to the hair. If a girl shaves baldly, then she loses not only charm, but another powerful sexual signal, because the thickness and length of the hair the man also unconsciously determines how healthy she is. Not welcome if the lady is heavily makeup. Under a thick layer of foundation, a gentleman cannot determine sexual signals by skin color and its condition, because clean, healthy skin turns red when excited.

Lips also turn red with passionate excitement. If her lips are heavily painted, how will a man define her arousal? Also important are the woman's gait, her movements, for example, how she gets the phone out of her purse, or gets out of the car, or crosses her legs, or how she leads with her shoulder, or how she eats with pleasure. A man takes all these nuances into account when choosing a partner.

So, to have a successful shot at the object of love, you need a flirtation, a sexual signal, that is, a demonstration of strength. And what is the strength of a woman? The formula of strength is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration, that is, skills multiplied by an active life position, or, in other words, skills multiplied by actions. And of course - the mood. When a woman is happy, only then is she attractive. And you don't have to be super pretty.

Undoubtedly, age and appearance matter, but not in the first place

Some girls believe that men will run after them in herds if they grow their hair, pump up their lips, breasts, and ass. Yes, they can fall for all these "bulges" at the first meeting. But when they find out that all this is not real, they may lose interest in you.

Why? And imagine that an expensive car stops next to you, a man offers you a lift, you are delighted: "Oh, what an interesting Maine, in a fashionable suit, with a chic watch." You are in seventh heaven, he smiles gallantly at you, you get into the car, everything is fine, you have a date. And suddenly you find out that all his things were bought on credit, including a suit. What is your reaction?

Immediately - bang! - bad luck. Complete disappointment and goodbye. This is exactly the same reaction that a man has when he realizes that all your charms are artificial. They see it as cheating. There are few who treat plastic miracles normally.

A man can be struck not only with unearthly beauty, but also with emotional intelligence, that is, an understanding of his emotions and feelings. True, due to the development of the Internet, emotional intelligence does not develop, because we communicate less and less live. And the less interpersonal contacts, the more difficult it is for us to understand another person. Therefore, there are more and more lonely people hanging around the web for days. If you want a family, start more real, not virtual, acquaintances.

But in any case, do not jump straight into the bed. No man likes easily accessible women

If you surrendered to him on the very first day, he will think that you are not refusing anyone. First, he must look after you, show signs of attention, give gifts and only then receive you as a prize. And sexual availability is just another important reason for loneliness and inability to start a family on time. Therefore, many marry only after 30 years, and at this age they are already considered old-born, who in most cases cannot bear healthy offspring. And due to early "flights", many teenage girls also manage to have an abortion, which is why they become sterile in the future. As the people say: they can no longer give birth, because they walked up. And the man has the same problems: the more women he had, the faster he becomes impotent. Just imagine,today in Russia we have 4 million infertile women out of 39 million of reproductive age. And the reproductive age is the period from 15 to 49 years. Therefore, my advice to you: before agreeing to intimacy, go not to one, but maybe a hundred dates, but make sure that your gentleman begins to respect you as a person, as a woman.

To have a long-term relationship, respect is necessary, because then the feelings of intimacy will be different. Imagine a man sleeping with a woman he not only wants but also respects. What feelings will he have? He will even touch her like a goddess!

The man's body begins to produce more male hormones, which even improves erection. Proximity takes on completely different, bright colors. And if he just physically wants a female, then he touches her like a piece of meat. Some one-day girls complain: “He only needs this from me, and nothing else. He doesn't even listen to me, he doesn't hear. " When a man perceives you not only as a woman, but also as a person, then the relationship becomes stronger, warmer, emotional.


Fragment of the book “How to find love through Instagram. Flirting on the Internet and more. " Pavel Rakov. - Moscow: AST Publishing House, 2019.

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