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5 Phrases After Which You Should End Your Dating On The First Date - Relations
5 Phrases After Which You Should End Your Dating On The First Date - Relations

Video: 5 Phrases After Which You Should End Your Dating On The First Date - Relations

Video: 5 Phrases After Which You Should End Your Dating On The First Date - Relations
Video: 5 First-Date Moves That Make Him Want More (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) 2023, March

The first date is a joyful and romantic moment, but at the same time it is extremely responsible. You must not only demonstrate your best side, but also draw the right conclusions about the person with whom you will spend this evening. You still do not know if he can be dangerous, how adequate he is and whether your views on life coincide. Psychologist Olga Romaniv has compiled a list of male statements for our readers, which may well become a reason to stop communicating and break off an acquaintance already at the initial stage

1. "Will you pay for me?"

The relationship between a man and a woman is moving towards equality more and more rapidly, so today the proposal to divide the bill equally should not be treated as something unacceptable. However, asking a man to pay for it should alert you. It's not about money, it's about attitude. Even if we ignore the possibility that this is a gigolo, and assume that he really forgot his wallet at home or something like that, the fact that he is not embarrassed asking you to pay is clearly not a good sign.

2. "To you or to me?"

It all depends on what your intentions were originally. Quite often, the intentions of a man and a woman do not coincide. If you both knew that you were meeting solely for the night together, then there is no problem. But if you wanted to look at him as a potential young man, then neither you nor him should rush things.

3. "My ex is such a bitch!"

It may not be worth stopping communication on this phrase, but from this moment it is better to take a closer look at it. There are several unpleasant moments here. If he speaks this way, there is a possibility that he still yearns for a previous relationship, through insults he tries to overcome the craving for his ex, and your role in this situation is a way to forget her. As a rule, nothing good comes of it. Even if this is not so, dismissive statements towards the woman with whom he was together is not good.

4. "A woman should …"

If he too clearly imagines the place of a woman in this world, you should not continue to communicate with him, even if what he is talking about is to your liking. The approach itself is unfair, because a woman does not owe anything to anyone. Firstly, he considers himself entitled to speak like that, only because he is a man, and this is already an alarming signal. Secondly, he equals all women with the same size, respectively, your personality can become an unpleasant surprise for him.

5. "How much do you earn?"

Quite strange, especially for a first date, a question that, nevertheless, women quite often hear. There are two options here. Perhaps in front of you is a gigolo who has some kind of views on your income. Even if he is self-sufficient, such interest may indicate that he does not intend to spend a penny on you. In this case, it is not the fact itself that is unpleasant, but the character trait that lies behind it - greed. As a rule, it will be almost impossible for an adequate girl who knows her own worth to get along with a greedy man. It is worth breaking the acquaintance.

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