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How To Show Young Children You Love Them - Society

Video: How To Show Young Children You Love Them - Society

Video: How To Show Young Children You Love Them - Society
Video: HOW TO SHOW YOUR KIDS YOU LOVE THEM | the 5 love languages | 2023, June

Here are some simple ideas to help you show toddlers and younger students that you love them.

1. Surprise notes. Toddlers and preschoolers love funny pictures. Leave notes with them everywhere: under your breakfast plate, in your jacket pocket, in your car seat, on your pillow, over your toothbrush, in your muesli bowl, or in a box of sandwiches.

2. Little people made of brushes. Even the most artistically inexperienced people are able to turn a pipe cleaner into the likeness of a man, animal, flower or heart. If you can't afford it, you can make a bracelet. This little item will remind your child that you love him.

3. Stickers. Place a sticker of your child's favorite character on their shirt. Tell him that when he looks at him, he will remember that you love him. Stickers are inexpensive, so buy more.

4. "Tattoo". You can draw a small picture on the inside of your child's hand or just write “I love you”. Say that this is a special "tattoo" that will show everyone how much you love him. If the child is shy, draw a small picture or a secret symbol. Say that the meaning is known only to the two of you, and she means that you love him. Invite your child to draw the same "tattoo" on your arm.

5. Voice mail. Send yourself a voicemail confessing your love to your child. And then give him your phone, telling him that there is a message for him. Children like this very much, they are ready to listen to the message over and over again. At work or at home, you can record a video message to your child, and show it to him in the evening.

6. A box of kisses. Take an empty box and have your child decorate it. Leaving for work or somewhere else, "put" a kiss in it. Tell your child to open the box and "get" a kiss when he misses you. If everything works out, read the illustrated book "Th e Kiss Box" by Bonnie Verburg with him.

7. Special code. Come up with a movement or touch with your child that means "I love you." The child will love having a secret code. When one of you sends a signal, the other must respond. You can come up with a secret code for each child.

8. Special book. Personalize one of your child's favorite picture books. Open it before bed, whether you've read other books or not (the more reading, the better!).

9. Spy names. Give the kids secret names - Red Turtle or Dancing Flamingo.

The fancier the better. Only you will know these names, and the child will feel special.

If he likes this idea, read Kes Gray's 006 and a Half: A Daisy Book with him.

10. A special language. Come up with your own words for the phrases "hello", "goodbye" and "I love you." These can be ordinary words or invented by you and your child.

11. A special song. Create a little song for your child to your favorite tune. For example: “You are my Clara, my beloved Clara, I am happy with you, even when it rains. You don't even know, my dear, how much Mommy loves you. Never part with me, Clara the bear."

12. Diary. Invite your child to keep a notebook and write down what they say or what they do every day. He can read it later and he will be pleased. Most importantly, it only takes you a minute a day. Do this regularly at the same time, such as over dinner.


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