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"Jealous Of Her Husband Even To Fictional Characters, What To Do?" - Relations
"Jealous Of Her Husband Even To Fictional Characters, What To Do?" - Relations

Video: "Jealous Of Her Husband Even To Fictional Characters, What To Do?" - Relations

Video: "Jealous Of Her Husband Even To Fictional Characters, What To Do?" - Relations
Video: Why Do We Get Attached To Fictional Characters? 2023, June

Hello! Constantly jealous of her husband for the heroines of films and games. I always compare myself to them and lose a lot in their eyes, although I look very good. What should I do?

Ekaterina, 37 years old

If you are jealous of your man even for the characters in films or games, there is only one reason for this - your lack of self-confidence, says psychologist Olga Romaniv. In the modern world, every person experiences self-doubt. This is due to the fact that in any area, both in career and in personal life, there is always a place for competition. In addition, the media, advertising, cinema and other media products literally put pressure on us with images of ideal people, beautiful and successful. One always wants to correspond to such images, but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. In some cases, this leads to the fact that a person experiences an inferiority complex, and this can become a serious problem that hinders the development of personality. Are there ways to deal with such complexes? Today Olga will help us figure it out.

The birth of the complex

Any complex takes its origins in childhood and youth. Usually at this age, it is vaccinated by adults. Of course, they can also appear as a result of interaction with peers in school or kindergarten. Children's psyche is very sensitive to disapproving and offensive statements from both adults and peers. Some of these judgments can be deposited in the subconscious for almost a lifetime. The worst thing is if the child does not share this with the parents, and they do not have the opportunity to conduct a preventive conversation with the child.

If at some point you realize that you have complexes of any nature that prevent you from living, then, first of all, you need to understand that they will not disappear by themselves. On the contrary, over the years this problem will only get worse. An inferiority complex is a deep psychological problem that requires work on yourself.

Overcoming treatment

Any complexes and fears in psychology are most often treated by the method of overcoming or, in a simple way, "wedge wedge". In no case should you run away from the cause of your complexes and situations in which you experience fear and insecurity. For example, if you are experiencing a complex regarding your appearance, then avoiding communication with people, giving up dating, giving up on yourself and not taking care of yourself is a road to nowhere, so you deprive yourself of a chance to get rid of this problem. You must pull yourself together, look in the mirror more often, work on the flaws that cause you anxiety, but at the same time do not avoid communicating with people, especially with the opposite sex. Roughly speaking, situations that cause you stress due to your complexes are your way to get rid of them.


The next method of dealing with complexes that I want to describe is affirmation. Affirmation is a mental attitude, a kind of "programming" of the psyche for a certain result. It is important to consider that working with this method takes time, stability and patience. It will be impossible to achieve positive results in one day, week or even a month. However, the method of affirmation can eradicate this problem once and for all. Affirmation work is best done in the morning or evening. Choose the right time for yourself when you are most active: if you are an owl, then choose the evening time closer to sleep, if you are an early riser, then try to work in the morning.

Dealing with affirmations is pretty simple. Sit in front of the mirror (it is desirable that there is no one in the room except you), look directly into your eyes and mentally or aloud reproduce the following setting: “I am a strong and self-confident person and I am not afraid of the cause of my complexes (say yours specifically) ". This method in psychology is very effective, a short phrase that expresses the desired setting, over time, has the necessary effect on the psyche.

The main thing that everyone who is faced with the problem of an inferiority complex needs to learn is to accept themselves, with their pluses and minuses. Remember that you have everything to get better. Don't pay attention to other people and don't compare yourself to those around you. You are an individual, and your flaws, as well as your merits, form your unique personality.

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