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MAC: How Metaphorical Cards Work - Self-development
MAC: How Metaphorical Cards Work - Self-development

Video: MAC: How Metaphorical Cards Work - Self-development

Video: MAC: How Metaphorical Cards Work - Self-development
Video: Metaphorical Associative Cards - FAQs (MACards) - self-development 2023, June

Metaphorical cards (MAC) are gaining immense popularity now, and not without reason. This is a good tool for the psychologist, especially with those clients who find it difficult to complain or open up their feelings. If you have an internal prohibition to wash dirty linen in public, you will not just have a psychologist. If the story is connected with your parents or leadership, and you were taught that elders need to be respected, and in your head there is only "mom is always right", I must respect her, and you have forced out your anger, resentment, pain into the unconscious - in such cases MAC will work great and help

You can't tell a lot, but it hinders your life and constantly pops up in communication with significant people. The cards will help by telling you not about yourself and your resentment, but about what you see. It is always much easier to use the example of a neighbor to tell how they live badly and do not understand each other.

Metaphorical cards. A bit of background

MAK for over 40 years. In 1975, Canadian art critic Eli Raman created the first deck of HE metaphorical cards. In 1983, psychotherapist Moritz Egetmeyer saw in cards an opportunity to help a client get into a frank conversation. The psychotherapist Joe Schlichter developed the rules and principles for the use of cards.

Since then, nothing has changed. You draw cards from the deck and describe what spontaneous feelings, emotions, associations arise when you look at them. Now the variety of cards exceeds all expectations. They come with pictures, words, pictures and words. Please read the description carefully to choose your deck. You should like the deck.

There are feelings, but no understanding

Sometimes there are situations when a client comes and says: "I have anxiety." But about what anxiety, he cannot tell, no matter how he was asked. He's worried. Then cards come into play, with their help you can ask to describe what a person sees.

I sometimes do this at home, when there is a feeling, I cannot determine it myself, and it is too late to call a psychologist. I select a map and look at it, describing to myself what I see on it. It helps me in realizing what my feelings are about, gives me an understanding of the issue, tasks, problems that are now spinning in my head, and do not give me rest.

Doing so, I thought: "That's great, now I don't need a psychologist, I found a magic pill." But in one of my groups, and I visit them not only because it is mandatory hygiene for a psychologist, but also because I love them very much and receive a lot of support from them, I realized that one on one with the cards can be dealt with with what your thoughts and strong feelings that overwhelm. But it is not always possible to solve the problem.

metaphorical cards
metaphorical cards

Pulling out the card, I saw a girl on the side of the road with a suitcase and I had the thought that no one was picking her up. And it was a revelation for me when my psychologist said that she saw a girl with a suitcase, who was moving into a new life.

This is how it happens. And in order to receive an expansion of your consciousness, you need a second one. It is better if it is someone who knows how to openly say what you may not like. For a psychologist, this is a tangle that rolls along the path and leads to your subconscious experiences. From this you can start your journey, when there is a lot of things and it is not clear where to start.

Cards help to talk about something that is very embarrassing or scary to talk about, help relieve tension.

What's beyond the horizon?

Metaphorical cards are unlikely to tell you about this. This is not a prediction. But they will definitely help you clarify your desires, plans and doubts "here and now." They will take you out of the fog, help to clearly formulate a thought or request.

If possible, it is better to interact with the cards together so that you have an opponent who can share his opinion, repeat what he heard from you, tell you what surprised him in your story. It is important here not to begin to bend your opinion and prove or justify your thoughts.

Do not go into fortune telling

It is important not only to ask the cards, but also to understand what you will do with this answer. If the cards have become a life-saving beacon for you and you use them as a fortune-teller, you should pay attention to this. Chances are, you have anxiety or fear of uncertainty. Using cards as a prediction, you can try to guess what is not.

But the real goal is to muffle your anxiety. And you do it by starting to build fantasies against the background of what you saw, often trying to bring it to life. And this is the path to nowhere. Don't try to see cards as a sign for the rest of your life. The cards show what you have important to you inside now. Tomorrow, when you look at this map, you will tell a completely different story.

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