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Rules For Sunday Mom And Dad - Society
Rules For Sunday Mom And Dad - Society

Video: Rules For Sunday Mom And Dad - Society

Video: Rules For Sunday Mom And Dad - Society
Video: Beginners' Guide: Society 2023, March

If you go to the zoo, cafe or cinema on weekends, you can see many “Sunday dads” walking the kids. How can you find them out? It's very simple - for some reason their eyes do not shine. There is a feeling that they are serving a sentence. But this is a road to nowhere. Every time movie-zoo-ice cream. Not tired?

Initially, I planned to write an article for fathers who, for various reasons, do not live with their children. But the world is full of amazing and strange events: it happens that mothers and children live separately. Under such circumstances, the main features of upbringing are as follows:

  • First, communication may be limited to your ex-spouse, who may be offended by you. As a rule, this is what happens. You need to understand and be able to wait.
  • Secondly, the child remains in the family, whose values may differ from yours, and this must be taken into account.
  • Third, you may have a new family, and this will affect the relationship with the child.

What to do? Attract the child to your interests and hobbies. This refers to productive and developmental interests. Imagine that you have prepared a standard dating procedure, and the child has not been given to you. Plans are crumbling, scandal, stress, etc. If they don't give it, it's not necessary. Say: “Great, I will go there alone with great pleasure…” An example of parental enthusiasm is important for a child. Watch and study events in your city. Even if you go there alone, then still share your impressions. The kid will look forward to the next meeting with the most interesting parent in the whole wide world!


Bring your child to the gym, to a good children's coach. Join the classes yourself. Become an active member of the sports club's parent committee. Or perhaps a competition judge. The child will see that you not only speak, but also do, achieve success together and overcome difficulties.


Sports camps are a great way to spend time together. Plan ahead and talk to your coach and ex-spouse. Alternatively, there can be an expedition to nature, archaeological excavations, exploring different cultures and learning new skills.


Teach your child to art - theater, opera, painting. Nowadays there are many entertaining interactive museums. Read and study, learn to understand, and you will have real pleasure.

The science

How long have you been to the planetarium? And what about Experimentanium science museums? What could be better than a parent who enthusiastically participates in experiments and instills in children a love of science!


Go to the forest, the sea, the mountains. Study nature. Give your child a houseplant that needs minimal maintenance, such as homemade bamboo. He will not only discipline the baby, but also remind of you.


Get a dog or cat. Choose it with your child, go to exhibitions. Let your child play with and look after your pet when in your home.

Social network

Your child will definitely start a page on social networks. Communicate with him via Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube. Do not forget that your page will be watched, carefully monitor your reputation. Post useful interesting materials, your achievements and successes.


It is clear that you will transfer the so-called "alimony" to the bank account of the parent who lives with the child. But to avoid “buying” your child with gifts, teach him to budget. Determine a fixed amount that you can spend on shared leisure activities and together identify cost items.

A business

Working together, of course, unites. It is clear that a minor cannot earn "like an adult", but if you connect him, for example, to the service of sports competitions, distribution of flyers, etc., the child will understand the price of money. Let him earn a little, and you will see how carefully he will treat “his” money. Be sure to show your child where and how you work. When your eyes are burning, you can see it. And if not, then perhaps it's time to change something in your life? It is impossible to raise a happy child if you are unhappy yourself.


Get closer to the student. Join the parent committee, organize interesting class excursions, talk to teachers, give interesting lectures in the class. Master computer presentations and share them with your child. Learn to learn!


Communicate and introduce your child to interesting people: scientists, artists, actors, writers, businessmen, etc. A story about life, work path and professional achievements will help in the formation of a still small personality.

Former spouse or spouse

Try to maintain a friendly relationship and enjoy your child's success together. Do not criticize your “former” partner in any way, because both mom and dad live in each of us. Appreciate the relationship, time will change a lot. Help and take care of each other.

Remember, your son or daughter is still a child. Don't ask too much of him. Doesn't pick up the phone or doesn't know what to say - it doesn't matter. You bought a ticket to the cinema, but he didn't go? Not scary. Do not spoil your nerves for yourself and for those who love you very much. The fact that you propose something is extremely important in itself. It is not forgotten.

A child is not a robot toy. He should not interest you or fulfill all your requirements and desires. This is the person who looks at you and for whom you are very important. Tune in with him. The most interesting thing happens when you think a lot about each other. There is an almost mystical contact, you feel each other and understand. Communicating at a distance without words is a wonderful feeling.

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