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How To Stop Suffering From Unbearable Loneliness? - Self-development, Society
How To Stop Suffering From Unbearable Loneliness? - Self-development, Society

Video: How To Stop Suffering From Unbearable Loneliness? - Self-development, Society

Video: How To Stop Suffering From Unbearable Loneliness? - Self-development, Society
Video: The Science of Feeling Lonely & How to Overcome It 2023, March

No one is immune from the feeling of unbearable loneliness. Someone rarely experiences it, for example, when left alone. But some are depressed due to loneliness all the time. This feeling seems endless; people who are faced with this problem have the impression of being isolated from the whole world. Psychologist Olga Romaniv will tell you how to deal with this difficult problem

Feeling lonely is a strong need for love and attention. It occurs even in the presence of close family ties, despite this, a person may still feel lonely. The reasons for this phenomenon can be different: from childhood psychological trauma and resentment to other problems that a person cannot cope with on their own. This breeds helplessness and self-doubt.

Love yourself

The main problem of a lonely person is total self-doubt

Falling in love with yourself is important, if only because after that you will not feel guilty, withdrawn, learn to express your thoughts openly. Self-dislike develops into self-flagellation, you impose on yourself a feeling of unbearable loneliness instead of spending time productively, learning to understand people, making friends and love, albeit by trial and error.

Try to analyze yourself.

  • Ask those around you what the cons and what pluses they notice in you.
  • Focus on the positives.
  • Try to get rid of negative manifestations.
  • Do not forget to praise yourself for the work done and self-development.

If you start to actively develop, loneliness will cease to be a problem for you. Others are drawn to such people, and in turn it will be easier for you to perceive what is happening by going about your business.

Don't live in the past

If you constantly mentally return to people who once betrayed you or disappointed you in something, you will never close this annoying gestalt. It doesn't make any sense. Unpleasant situations need to be released, because if they happened sometime in the past, this does not mean at all that this will happen again.

Open up new horizons, change the way you communicate, and reflect on your gaps in your interactions with toxic people

Try to say goodbye to people who don't understand you

There is no need to create around yourself an imitation of a wide circle of close comrades. The people who hurt you do not provide support when the situation calls for their attention - such personalities will only exacerbate your thoughts of loneliness.

You feel not the absence of people, but their complete indifference, which is even harder to bear. Remember why you suddenly surrounded yourself with toxic people, by what criteria can you now distinguish them from those who really want only the best for you?

Don't drown yourself in apathy

Do not aggravate the negative state, get rid of it! Sign up for language courses, start going to public places, and go to various events. By closing in yourself, you will not change the situation for the better. Try to establish communication with those people who seem interesting to you, who can motivate you to achieve and set new goals.

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