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How To Become The One That Is Carried And Given Gifts? Only 7 Steps - Relations
How To Become The One That Is Carried And Given Gifts? Only 7 Steps - Relations

Video: How To Become The One That Is Carried And Given Gifts? Only 7 Steps - Relations

Video: How To Become The One That Is Carried And Given Gifts? Only 7 Steps - Relations
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Love between a man and a woman is very multifaceted. This is a bright cocktail of communication, flirting, desire, support, help, care and much more. And if at the beginning of a relationship with this everything is smooth and sweet, then after 2-5 years of marriage you may notice that a man no longer tends to conquer you with a huge bouquet of roses or an intricate compliment. How can you strengthen your relationship with a man so that he wants to take care of you again, to appreciate and make pleasant gifts even more? How to become the one worn in your arms? Only 7 steps and no magic, but the result is obvious. Let's start?

7 steps to be the one you carry and give gifts

1. Love yourself

Yes, the truth is simple, but effective. How will someone else appreciate you if you yourself gave up on yourself? Accept yourself completely, with all the light and dark sides, because there is no one like you anymore!

My dear, you are unique and your man is very lucky with you. Start taking care of yourself, do what inspires you, and you yourself will not notice how quickly he will start admiring you and your glowing eyes. Men love joyful women, so enjoy life and yourself?

2. Explore your relationship

Gifts are a form of love and care. And how are things with your man: does he like to receive gifts? How does he show love at all? Perhaps through helping out around the house or spending time together? What traditions do you have in your family? How does caring for each other manifest through them? What would you like to add to your relationship?

The fact is that your man may not feel the need for gifts as a manifestation of his love, but he expresses concern through some other things: providing you financially or helping your mother in the country. Analyze your relationship and talk to your loved one. Perhaps he does not even know that you would like to feel his love through gifts too.

3. Down with insults and ultimatums

Your union is built on love and mutual respect, which means that all your communication with your loved one should be reduced to a discussion on equal terms. By being offended, you put yourself in the position of a child who is trying to manipulate a strong adult. The effect, of course, will be, but the unpleasant aftertaste will remain for you and your partner.

4. Ask, don't demand

Your man is not equal to your property. And in fact, he doesn't owe you anything! Remember point 3: you are together for love, not out of a sense of duty. The main thing is to come to an understanding and discuss all decisions together. Agree, ask, consider not only your own, but also his point of view. Do not force a man to go against his wishes and do not do it yourself. It is better to use the words "should" and "should" in family life less often.

5. Quiet ride …

Act gradually and carefully, do not fall on a man with a ton of snow with the request "there is such a ring as Kim Kardashian's", especially if you received the last gift 3873 days ago. Start small - asking for help, for example. Slowly show your man that you like his care in all forms.

6. Take care of it yourself

A man is your mirror, and he is unlikely to want to give gifts to one circular saw, agree? But the tender and caring wife, who yesterday prepared his favorite hodgepodge, and last week presented a cool set of tools, really want to make a return gift.

7. Give thanks

Sincerely. Believe me, when a man drags the largest mammoth into the house, he is not waiting for a soup made of it, but wants to see your burning eyes, and from them you can understand that he is a knight and his lady is happy and stunned by the feat. Do not deprive your spouse of this pleasure.

Take action

Finally, I share with you a technique called "3x7". It is insanely simple and outrageously effective. You tell and show your loved one what you want to receive as a gift 7 times for 3 minutes. Of course, you shouldn't do this 7 times in a row. Choose a moment when the man is relaxed, calm and happy. Do not ask in the forehead, but share how you like this or that thing. It's that simple!

What's the bottom line?

The most important thing in a relationship is for M and F to hear and understand each other. Only then there is a desire to please a loved one - with a gift, a hug, help, warm words, or all at once. Communicate with your soul mate, be sensitive to his thoughts and dreams, and you will be surprised how strong your man's response will be. He will really start giving you gifts, you will become the one who is carried in his arms.

We wish you an abundant and lasting relationship!

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