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Anyone Concerned. 16+ - Reviews
Anyone Concerned. 16+ - Reviews

Video: Anyone Concerned. 16+ - Reviews

Video: Anyone Concerned. 16+ - Reviews
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The performance of Konstantin Raikin "To All Who Concerns", based on the play by Dana Sideros, does not leave indifferent either avid theatergoers or those who prefer cinema. This is a performance about the ability to accept and understand another. Other. Not the same as you imagine? With features that at first glance may seem strange and unusual. Even unpleasant

“Putting your palm on your head is home. Or finally go home"

How do we react when we are faced with something that is not included in our life, with something that we did not touch and with which we did not interact? And what do fifteen-year-olds do with this, for whom, due to their age, everything multiplies in two?

To All Who Concerns is a story about teenagers studying at a prestigious school. Newcomers appear in the class - two brothers, one of whom is dumb. The brothers communicate in a strange language they only understand - the language of touch and gesture. They do not fit into the local "kingdom", where roles and titles have already been assigned - there is a jester, there is a superhero, there is a princess and an ugly woman. To a kingdom where, at first glance, everything is clear and normal. They immediately irritate and cause negativity and some disgust.

This is a story about bullying, about how one ridicule can hurt and leave trauma for life. This is a story about the framework of "normality" and well-being - not everything is calm in the kingdom either. And at the same time it is a kind and pure story. About the fact that when you feel your shoulder next to you, you can do a lot. That interaction and contact can solve all misunderstandings. That there is always more good than evil - in the end you have to believe in it! That a wise and just teacher will help you figure it out, will not give up and will support, even if the circumstances, the bosses, and the facts are against him.

Remaining always in the “here and now” position, a real teacher preserves the “adult-adult” interaction, thereby making the students understand and accept the chain of action-result.

The problem of tolerance for people with disabilities is always relevant. And this play is capable of deeply drawing public attention to problems that cannot be ignored. For viewing to those whom it concerns - and this applies to everyone!

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