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Psychological Sadist's Dictionary. 7 Phrases-answers To His Manipulations - Relations
Psychological Sadist's Dictionary. 7 Phrases-answers To His Manipulations - Relations

Video: Psychological Sadist's Dictionary. 7 Phrases-answers To His Manipulations - Relations

Video: Psychological Sadist's Dictionary. 7 Phrases-answers To His Manipulations - Relations
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The psychological sadist tortures and tortures other people with words and deeds, observing the rule of impunity. Psychological sadists know how to communicate endlessly only by manipulation. With such a person, you always feel awkward, uncomfortable, and feel guilty. Below I offer several phrases from the dictionary of a psychological sadist and answers to his provocative statements

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Sadism itself implies pleasure, including sexual pleasure, from suffering inflicted on other living beings. Psychological sadists are always aggressive manipulators. Here are the feelings that psychological vampires evoke with their provocative actions and remarks:

  • Fear of losing an object, relationship, perspective.
  • Guilt.
  • Fear of depreciation.
  • Feeling unnecessary.
  • Fear of emotional pain.
  • Fear of rejection (dislike).
  • Fear of violation of stability (financial).
  • Fear of disruption to support.

These feelings make you feel negative and exhausted. Psychological sadists act as provocateurs. As soon as you start to get emotional, you are already trapped by these strange people. They feed on your suffering, and you only aggravate everything by trying to prove something, justify yourself and just express your point of view. The psychological sadist has "his own opinion on everything, and everyone else is wrong." Psychological sadists prove their truth eloquently without letting you say a word. You either participate in the showdown, and then you are a brawler. Or - the wrong loser who could not defend his position. The natural reaction of your psyche is emotional exhaustion and devastation. All that happens is constant emotional pressure on you.

A Brief Dictionary of the Emotional Sadist

How to find out and draw conclusions in time:

1. He speaks only in the language of irony and causticity, passing off his rough harshness as an original sense of humor.

He: “Where did you dress up like that? With your horn-legs, you have to choose your wardrobe more carefully."

Your reaction: “Are you jealous? Or it seemed to me?"

2. He behaves like an infantile partner and does not always take on sufficient responsibility. Everyone around is to blame for the failures of the psychological sadist. You yourself will very soon also be guilty of everything in the world.

He: “I don’t know if I’ll make it to the store, you better buy everything yourself. I have no idea what to take and I hate to go shopping!"

Your reaction: “It's okay. The store is open until late at night. I'll send you the list. And I hate ironing either, but I do it regularly."

3. It excludes your contacts. Very soon you will lose your parents, girlfriends, girlfriends, colleagues, and even go to the parent meeting under his control.

He: “Look at your girlfriends? There is no sense from them. You are generally inadequate after your communication!"

Your reaction: “Thank God that my friends do not interest you. I can sleep well."

4. He has frequent and groundless jealousy. He does not allow any of your freedom. He takes offense and strikes a pose.

He: “Of course, go, you have all the women's affairs done, go-go. But keep in mind, I'm also leaving on Friday for a week!"

Your reaction: “Okay. I'll be back and we'll discuss everything with you."

5. When he doesn't get what he wants, threats begin. Even in the little things. It never comes to the point.

But here are his loud phrases: "I will not be back," "Well, that's it, we are parting," "Well, I went."

Your reaction: “Sergey (Igor, Oleg …), you are constantly manipulating parting with me. If you really wanted to leave, you would not have warned me so actively."

6. He uses typical victim / tyrant manipulation. It elevates itself and humiliates you in its own eyes.

He: “Why did you decide that you are the smartest? Have you become so talkative? Have you believed in yourself or what?"

Your reaction: “Sergei (Igor, Oleg …), do not talk to me in that tone. You can't do that with me. " I got up and left the room, out of the apartment, out of the car. Silently, without further explanation.

7. He will definitely find a painful psychological point in you and will use it as a manipulative target so that you choke on guilt, fear and insecurity.

He: “Look, what kind of mother are you? All day at work, the child is constantly on the phone. And all the work does not give you rest! What do you think?"

Your reaction: "I myself build my parent-child relationship as a child, you better think about how much time you spend on your phone … and what kind of dad the child sees every day as an example."

Most importantly, you will have to defend your boundaries and stand in opposition to the psychological sadist. And most often in this situation, you will need to protect not only yourself, but also the children. Psychological sadists don't want to listen or hear anyone. For them there are no authorities and, most likely, their main task is to piss you off, get your emotional reactions, destroying your personal boundaries.

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