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The MKHAT SPEAKS! TV Channel Starts Working - Partner News
The MKHAT SPEAKS! TV Channel Starts Working - Partner News

Video: The MKHAT SPEAKS! TV Channel Starts Working - Partner News

Video: The MKHAT SPEAKS! TV Channel Starts Working - Partner News
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March 24 at 15.00 Moscow Art Theater. M. Gorky launches the MKHAT SPEAKS! TV channel, which will be broadcast on the theater's official website. Every day, online 24/7, you can directly communicate with actors, directors, playwrights, artists, musicians, HRC workers, producers, theater directors. We will tell you about the upcoming premieres and performances of the current repertoire, about rehearsals and production technology of performances, about creative plans and secret dreams, about the everyday life of the theater people

We have something to present to our beloved viewers. The Moscow Art Theater is a national theater, in three years it will be 125 years old. The traditions of the Moscow Art Theater are the property of the entire Russian and world culture. The performances of our repertoire are an example of the preservation of the traditions of the Russian psychological theater. Reconstructions of the performances by Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko "The Blue Bird" and "Three Sisters" are important cultural events of the 2019/2020 season. The last season premieres of Scenes from Married Life, Deadline, Lady Hamilton, The Hairdresser, Gold, Stardust are changing the Moscow theater landscape.

In addition to dramatic performances, we have other products - poetic performances of the Third Scene, readings of the Workshop of Playwrights, lectures by outstanding thinkers within the framework of Open Spaces. All this should be seen by the Russian audience, including those who have not yet visited our theater.

You can watch the best poetry performances of the "Season of Poems" in the online version and meet your favorite poets and playwrights - Yuri Kublanovsky, Elena Isaeva, Dmitry Vodennikov and others. You will be able to see selected readings of the "Workshop of Playwrights" and the Festival of the Future Theater based on plays by Natalia Moshina, Elena Gremina, Alexander Zheleztsov, Yulia Tupikina, Andrey Vishnevsky and others staged by young directors. You will be shown the evenings of "Soviet Song Atlantis" dedicated to the work of Boris Mokrousov and Eduard Kolmanovsky, concerts of the ethno-electronic group "Volga" and Taisiya Krasnopevtseva. Virtual tours of the building of the Moscow Art Theater will be arranged for you. M. Gorky - the last masterpiece of late Brezhnev theater architecture - with comments by the author of the building - the architect Vladimir Kubasov and the participation of artists Alexei Gintovt and Anna Koleichuk. In the historical rubric n.a. RF Valentin Klementyev will tell about the Moscow Art Theater - heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

The program of the TV channel will include the following headings: "On-line artistic director", virtual master classes, educational video programs, director's stories about upcoming premieres and much more. On Theater Day, March 27, artists and employees of the Moscow Art Theater, as well as guest stars, will non-stop read selected chapters of Konstantin Stanislavsky's book My Life in Art to the channel's viewers.

While the world is in quarantine, the Moscow Art Theater is working! Be with us, dear viewers. We are waiting for you on the TV channel on the official website, as well as on social networks: Instagram, Facebook and VK.