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10 Mistakes Of A Hurrying Mother, Or Children Under The Gun Of Parents - Society
10 Mistakes Of A Hurrying Mother, Or Children Under The Gun Of Parents - Society

Video: 10 Mistakes Of A Hurrying Mother, Or Children Under The Gun Of Parents - Society

Video: 10 Mistakes Of A Hurrying Mother, Or Children Under The Gun Of Parents - Society
Video: 11 Parenting Mistakes That Ruin a Child’s Growth 2023, March

Mom. Once she was a young girl and by the will of fate met her prince. She became even more beautiful, blossomed like mountain edelweiss. As time went on, they had children and then came life "under the gun of parental love." Why do we say "under the gun of parental love"? Because a mother, who herself does not understand what to do with herself to the end, does not know how to organize her life and her space. And her only way to communicate with her children is of course to keep them at gunpoint. And so, the top 10 mistakes of a mom who is always in a hurry. He who is forewarned is armed.

Mistake number 1 "Fast = on time"

That is, mothers who live by the principle, if I do everything quickly, then I will be there in time, and I will also be there. Fast is not equal to being in time. And there are a thousand proofs of this. You know that sometimes, just by putting our consciousness and mind in order, we succeed much more than if we do some things faster.

Mistake number 2 "Children = my face"

That is, if the children suddenly stained their clothes or did something wrong, behaved badly at school, said some daring words to the teacher, to one of your relatives or friends, then the hurrying mother thinks that this is her face. But in reality, you have your natural person. And it has nothing to do with your children. And if your children are 10, 12, 7, 8 years old and you keep saying “we go to first grade” or “we have 8 points in mathematics” - these are problems. In short, “we” ends ideally at the moment of two or three years, when the mother is psychologically separated. That is, it separates from its child and enables him to live. This is a very important point.

Mistake # 3 "You must"

Well, you must do this, you must do this. It would still be nice if you did this. In fact, any mom in a hurry should replace “you should” with “you can”.

Mistake # 4 "If I'm a mom, I should be fine"

This is such a crazy attachment of mothers to the fact that now I have become a mother and I should be cool, I should always be very comfortable, warm, cozy. I'm a mom! In general, the message is this, friends, if you decide to become a mother, say goodbye to your comfort. You will have a completely different comfort, incomprehensible to those who do not yet have children. Get pregnant, start families, have children. And you will have the opportunity to experience this new comfort. But with comfort in the usual sense, you will definitely have to part.

Mistake # 5 "Children are more important than husband"

It's just the end of the relationship. If you decide in your head that your children are more important than your partner, then that's all - you can immediately get a divorce, take the children and take them to an orphanage. What happens to mom when she decides that children are more important than dad, in fact? Mom begins to team up with the children, fighting against Dad. First, it is not sensible. Secondly, it’s not normal. Third, it is guaranteed to make your children suffer. Because they cannot replace Dad's place and shouldn't. Therefore, it keeps track of the correct priorities that should be set in every family.

Mistake # 6 "I want to see feedback for my kindness"

You didn't thank me. You didn't thank me. You didn't congratulate me. If you are a mom, then you should forget about gratitude and appreciation. This does not mean that you are not worthy of it or that it is not okay to receive it. Fine. But if you do something and think: “Hmm, the kids didn’t thank me for breakfast today, it’s somehow strange.” Reflect on where you are and to whom you didn’t say thank you, not for breakfast, but for much greater things. That's all. And the answer is stored there. And your children will always give you what you want if you give other people what is important to them.

Mistake # 7 "No meeting with friends"

I have no time, dear friends, to meet with you - I have children. You know, there is such a very cool excuse for many moms. "Let's go and sit, drink coffee, talk?" - "Oh, no, what are you, I have children, I can't, I can't." If you do not create energy for yourself in communication with your girlfriends, then you are simply making your family nervous: children, partner, parents. Constantly. A woman gets energy from communication with other women. A man receives energy in austerity, that is, when they retire somewhere, they do something on their own in silence. Therefore, get away from your children, from your husbands and organize your space in such a way that you yourself feel good.

Mistake number 8 "There is no mental modeling of children and partners"

What is mental sculpting? This is when I imagine how I want to see my children. How I want to see my relationship. How I want to see myself in the role of a mother, in the role of a wife, in the role of a daughter, etc. If you do not think about what you want to become, then you are guaranteed to become an incomprehensible person. one hundred%. This has been verified by world experience.

Dream time is sacred. It's like being in the temple. And if you are not able to devote time to planning your vision of yourself as a mother, as a wife, then it will be “somehow”. one hundred%. Guaranteed.

Mistake number 9 "Not listening to the wishes of the child"

It's the classic "I know better what you need." And a great reason to make an appointment with a psychotherapist. It's better not to go to a girlfriend. Our ability to control other people sometimes reaches incredible heights. And we ourselves do not notice how we become such dictators in our own life for our own family. There is nothing worse than being a tyrant mom who tells dad, children, everything they need to do. Because they are so stupid, and she is such a wonderful and wonderful young lady.

Mistake number 10 "My children"

Another sign of our enormous attachment to I and Mine. “My children” is a very interesting moment. Watch the women around you who say "my children." There is another category, they say “our children”. Someone just says "children".

The role of mother and father does not end with their children. And we sometimes play these roles in so many ways. The main thing is that they bring us the ability to develop.

May your children be happy that happy mothers and fathers are next to them. Remember, the most important thing you can do for your children is to be happy. Because kids don't do anything other than copy our own example.


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