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Work Miracles! New Year's Eve Wish - Society
Work Miracles! New Year's Eve Wish - Society

Video: Work Miracles! New Year's Eve Wish - Society

Video: Work Miracles! New Year's Eve Wish - Society
Video: New Year Miracles Do Come True in Russia! Russian TV Report On Three New Year’s Wishes 2023, December

New Year is perhaps the only holiday of the year, endowed with such a huge number of traditions, recommendations, recipes, recipes. It is on New Year's Eve that all humanity begins to wait for a miracle and to prepare for it in every possible way.

This time the expectation is even more reasonable, if I may say so, because, firstly, the decade ends; and secondly, what a date: two twenties!

This New Year is simply bound to be overgrown with magic predictions, miraculous recipes and spells.

But we'll look at this from a more practical perspective. Let's?

So, we are preparing for the New Year, we are waiting for a miracle - no one canceled the pleasant expectation. But all the same we take some "earthly steps" for our own good.

Magic itself does not happen, but we can try to create it for ourselves

And yet, we will take into account this beautiful certain milestone - the transition to 2020.

The decade has ended, this New Year is again a round date. We can perform zeroing. But what does this beautiful word mean? It is necessary to understand its meaning.

The first meaning of the word "zeroing" is action by value, that is, equating to zero; the second value is data reset, bringing something to its original state. This is what delights everyone who solemnly uncorks the champagne and with a sinking heart looks at the four zeros on the electronic clock. And then - a new countdown!

Let's think about how exactly we can bring our "something" to its original state. Let's remember what exactly brought us genuine joy earlier, what business, occupation, state introduced us into blissful pacification, what exactly fascinated us, inspired, activated ?!

There is still time, I propose to remember all this and write it down

For example, you were glad that a couple of years ago all the children lived with you, but now they have left and rarely come. You feel sad and bored more than usual. How to get rid of sadness? Maybe try to find some kind of training group of interests with no age limit and attend it? You will have communication with young people - it will charge you with optimism. In addition, you will gain new knowledge and skills.

Let's say you've gained weight for several years in a row. Reset to zero, reset the frustration over this. We recall our condition and feelings in that original form, we are looking for a nutrition specialist, and, without waiting for any special dates, we begin to work on ourselves. And then there is a high probability with respect to yourself to look at these four zeros on New Year's Eve!

The examples, of course, are not happy, let's face it, but in this case we are talking about zeroing. A simple reset without new intentions won't change anything. Therefore, we begin to act now!

  1. Set to zero.
  2. We recall the joyful initial state.
  3. We plan activities for its return.

And if the previous periods of your life were harmonious and full of achievements, how can you then meet this beautiful round date of the second millennium? By multiplication!

As opposed to zeroing, there is gain

Write down all the qualities that helped you achieve success. It can be - purposefulness, perseverance, benevolence, mercy, will, fortitude, the acquisition of new knowledge, the discovery of internal resources. Remember and write down your state at the moment of achievements and victories, plan in the new year actions that can give you the same pleasure, be sure to add next to it what qualities of character you will need for this.

So, having performed, conditionally and metaphorically speaking, an audit of your life, outlining an update, you will confidently enter this 2020 year! And it will truly become magical for you

Holiday greetings!