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How To Raise A Successful Child. 7 Bad Tips - Society
How To Raise A Successful Child. 7 Bad Tips - Society

Video: How To Raise A Successful Child. 7 Bad Tips - Society

Video: How To Raise A Successful Child. 7 Bad Tips - Society
Video: How to Raise Successful Kids 2023, June

You were once children yourself. The time was different; your parents didn't develop you. You regret it. If your parents were concerned, you might have achieved more now. And you will develop your own child! How do you raise your child to be successful?

Bad advice number 1. The sooner you start developing, the better

Did you start at two years old? You are two years late in development! Is he still in the wheelchair? Don't waste time, talk to him in English. Hold out the toy - pronounce it in English, as it is called.

Have you forgotten about educational toys? It is important that educational toys surround him in the stroller, in the arena, meet him in the apartment when he starts to walk. Choose toys carefully. Remember: non-educational toys are useless! Moreover, in no case let your child play with foreign objects. Hairbrush, pillow, stool … Caution: the child begins to engage in nonsense from the very beginning of life!

Have you forgotten about constructors? Cubes with letters? Abacus? When showing toys, count them out loud; let the kid get used to hearing the count. Give a two-year-old (or even a one-year-old) child to a developing studio.

Bad advice number 2. Use the development studio correctly

Otherwise, you will throw your money down the drain. The child goes there to study. Take the toy away from him on the way to the studio. “You don't play, you go to study. I will ask the teacher how you behaved. " A two-year-old is shown letters for a reason - he must learn to read.

Be carefull. Does he go there simply because they play there? Singing songs? Because there are other children? Stop him when he starts talking about it. "You just have to play!" Check at home what he has learned. Consult with teachers how best to test it.

Bad advice number 3. Let it develop every minute

Has your child gone to first grade? Have you thought what he will do after school? Every evening after school, he should be busy: circles, sections, tutors. You will have until 10 or 11 pm to learn all the lessons with him. Every day the child should be busy from morning till night, "so as not to wander about."

Make sure that the child tries to do everything in the best possible way. Does the girl want to paint herself? It turns out ugly. “Why are you drawing people? You cannot draw a dog. Here is a beautiful picture, sketch. Or will you translate? Or a stencil? Look what a good paint I bought you!"

Bad advice number 4. Don't bother your child with housework and self-care

I knew children who, at the age of eight, were still sitting on the potty, having dinner when they were spoon-fed, and at the same time were very erudite. You can do without his help around the house. The time will come - it will work out! Mom or grandmother will not wash his plate for long, but the child will not waste time.

Bad advice number 5. Friends and games get in the way

If the child is developing correctly, he does not have time to walk in the yard. Take all toys away from the child. He is already a schoolboy. Toys are a waste of time. Monitor your child's social circle. In general, it is best to walk with him, take him to school, sit on a bench when you take him out for a walk in the yard.

The street spoils. Don't let your teen choose what they want to do. Parents know better. Hanging out with friends? And if he still falls in love there? The street is bad for him. There are only dangers: alcohol, drugs, early sex …

Don't let your child be friends and play with the children of uneducated and disadvantaged parents. Choose your teen's friends carefully. It would be best if he was friends with your friends' children and was always in sight.

Bad advice number 6. Don't forget about rewards and punishments

The child should be punished if on the way from the tutor he lingered on the street because he met friends. Or if you skipped class at a music school. (“Did you forget about the strap?”) You can reward him for fives in a quarter or a good performance at a concert. Buy him a nice present. He should know that success is the most valuable thing, that a person is loved and rewarded for his success.

The student does not have enough life experience. He himself does not know what he really wants. Therefore, he should not be capricious and refuse developmental activities.

Bad advice number 7. It is up to you to decide about your child's future

And now the high school student does not know who he wants to be, what institute he wants to go to? Then you are on the right track. Who knows better than you how to choose a university and faculty? You have life experience. You know better what profession is in demand.

You will hire all the necessary tutors; you know what exams he needs to pass in order to enter the institute of your choice.

Predictable ending

Did you raise your child to be successful? Did you succeed? Congratulations! You have managed to raise a dependent and lack of initiative.

Such people create a family with those who will decide for them and direct them. Such a person will not succeed in business because business requires determination and initiative. Will not reach heights in science, because science needs independent thinking. Will not be creative. He will not choose a job to his liking, because he does not know what he likes.

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