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Buried Alive. Staying Alive Chasing Health - The Quality Of Life
Buried Alive. Staying Alive Chasing Health - The Quality Of Life

Video: Buried Alive. Staying Alive Chasing Health - The Quality Of Life

Video: Buried Alive. Staying Alive Chasing Health - The Quality Of Life
Video: Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Official Music Video) 2023, December

Around us more and more immersed in virtual reality, a beautiful picture - happy faces, green salad, a shining dumbbell. Snow white smile and deadlift at the same time. Ideal people who don't sweat spend eight months of the year traveling and the other four in the gym

How to be saved from untruth?

Being healthy is fashionable. This postulate has firmly entered our life. And now you have been replacing a glass of pinot grigio with a cucumber smoothie for several years and running around at dawn. Grueling workouts, self-restraint, drying and carbohydrate days. And all this in the name of health and longevity, isn't it? Over time, it turns out that you don't get better. Why it happens?

The sad story is that the most dedicated adherents of healthy lifestyle are young people from 20 to 35 years old. Active users of Instagram and other social networks. This is the main audience for beauty and fitness bloggers. The trust in sports "gods and goddesses" from the Internet goes off scale, their confident advice on nutrition and sports is followed unconditionally. And in vain. Please remember: Your nutrition and exercise plan must be personalized. Apart from a trainer, it should be developed by a doctor, and in an amicable way - more than one specialist.

Breaking illusions

1. Sports

"On sports" literally everything around. In the gym, the queue in the cardio zone is worse than in the trendy nightclub. Healthy lifestyle parties are gaining popularity, which start at five in the morning, and the guarantor of the passage to them is a top-end fitness bracelet. Doctors are very skeptical about this sports craze. As is often the case, people do not know the measure.

In pursuit of the ideal body, no one is in a hurry to thoroughly study the resources of their body, and everyone neglects consultations with specialists. Flying menisci, sprains, heart failure, serious bruises - alas, no one in the sports club's sales department will tell you about the real number of such stories.

Before running towards a healthy lifestyle, you need to meet with a doctor, get tested, and do an ECG. Unfortunately, there are 20 percent of such conscientious citizens. Yes, we would rather rush to buy an annual card while there is a seasonal discount on it, than sign up to a therapist or cardiologist.

2. Nutrition

The term "orthorexia" was coined by the American physician Stephen Bretman back in 1997. Orthorexia refers to a painful, obsessive craving for healthy food. At the same time, all food is divided into two categories: correct and "deadly poison". Often dairy products, animal protein, any fats fall into the category of "poisons".

As a result, those nutrients that the zezhniks wanted to get from their proper nutrition remain in the usual diet. And for those suffering from orthorexia, the supply of vitamins and minerals in the body is depleted. Which leads to those diseases that they, in fact, tried to avoid, believing in a healthy lifestyle. And do not forget that useful and unhealthy products also differ for everyone, which can be clearly shown by a specific analysis.

3. Complete rejection of alcohol

Nobody talks about addiction and a serious problem. Those striving for a healthy lifestyle have a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages "as a class". Having totally rejected everything containing alcohol, a healthy lifestyle adherent begins to actively condemn the people around him who allow themselves to "relax".

The artist's social circle is changing dramatically, a glass of wine is perceived as an attempt at suicide. A person sincerely believes that his lifestyle deserves much more respect. Alas, this inevitably leads to the loss of close ties. There is a "vice versa" dependence.

How not to get stuck in a complete healthy lifestyle

1. Don't punish yourself with sports

Analyze what's going on with your diet. If your meal plan is too tight and harsh, breakdowns are almost 100% likely. And exercise is seen as a method of working off forbidden calories. I ate a chocolate bar, was horrified, and ran into the hall. This is how the connection "duty - punishment" is established.

Anxiety appears, you assign yourself an even more severe punishment, and then, due to a depressed mood, you reach for forbidden goodies. Vicious circle. But playing sports should improve physical and mental health. Sport is not a punishment or detention. Sport is health and longevity. Choose what you like. You will see, when training ceases to be associated with punishment, the body will begin to change, and you no longer want to seize anxiety with a bun.

2. Don't subscribe to all the recommended pages of the "leading" fitness gurus

Constantly comparing yourself with ideal images on social media can greatly reduce self-esteem and raise the requirements for yourself. The truth is that behind the Instagram-style gloss lies Photoshop and professional photography, which allows you to sell the service on social networks.

Don't waste your time on endless monitoring of divine bodies. Information about a healthy lifestyle should not be abundant. It should be from trusted sources and be firmly grounded in medical evidence.

3. Proper nutrition is not a hunger strike

A person is intuitively able to understand what the body needs. Listen to yourself carefully. Refer to trusted sources for nutritional advice. Usually these are not beauty pages on social networks, but articles in medical journals.

Against the background of a total enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles, with constant and often painful training and dietary restrictions, you can quickly forget about the main thing. The most important thing is the feeling of happiness and harmony.

It is necessary to get pleasure from life, and not invent punishments for non-existent offenses. It is important to remember about common sense and not rush to extremes - "today is a burger, tomorrow is just water." Healthy lifestyle brings great results only when it is combined with mental balance and the ability to sincerely enjoy life.