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How To Build Relationships At Work? Anti-Leadership: 4 Bad Tips - Image, Society
How To Build Relationships At Work? Anti-Leadership: 4 Bad Tips - Image, Society

Video: How To Build Relationships At Work? Anti-Leadership: 4 Bad Tips - Image, Society

Video: How To Build Relationships At Work? Anti-Leadership: 4 Bad Tips - Image, Society
Video: 3 ways to create a work culture that brings out the best in employees | Chris White | TEDxAtlanta 2023, December

I am sure that an attentive reader will "decipher" all provocative ideas and advice. Success and satisfaction in the professional field is highly dependent on the relationship at work with the environment. Building relationships with bosses, colleagues, subordinates is a very difficult task. If you are just about to start a new job, then the tips below will help you a lot

Bad advice 1

Corporate culture? Play by your own rules

Every company has a corporate culture - a set of written and unwritten rules and regulations. You are a new person, so you have every right to ignore these things. They were created without taking into account your tastes, habits, desires - there is nothing to adapt to them.

Ignore the dress code, dress the way you want.

Do not try to understand the style and specifics of communication of people with each other - speak in the way that is peculiar to you.

No need to look closely at the traditions and rituals existing in the company - on the contrary, show that these games do not concern you

It makes no sense to participate in general corporate events from celebrating an employee's birthday to a joint trip to nature on a weekend: you can have your own, higher priority tasks and plans, and there is no need to sacrifice them.

After all, “let the world bend under you”!

Bad advice 2

Bosses? You are your own director

From the Soviet times that have sunk into oblivion, the axiom of respectful attitude to the authorities remains. There was even such a saying: "You are the boss - I am a fool, I am a boss - you are a fool." But this is an anachronism, so why focus on it?

You should immediately make it clear to your superiors that you are an independent person, and you will not be able to command. Do not hesitate to show that you doubt the competence of the leader, the expediency of his orders.

Having received the next task, think about it, is it really necessary to complete it? Maybe it can be redirected to another performer or even "hammered". Don't forget to just come up with a suitable argument and write a progress report - you don't need trouble.

Don't pay too much attention to critical comments from your superiors. As you worked - so work. At all, as you understand, you will not please, and the likelihood that they tell you sensible things is small

But what is worth expanding activity is in improving the conditions of your work and privileges. Feel free to talk about a bonus, bonus, salary increase. Get a free schedule - the right to come to the office and go home whenever you want, without unnecessary explanations. Let your workplace have all the best from a computer to an armchair: you deserve it!

Bad advice 3

Colleagues? Don't trust and play up

You will make a big mistake if you consider your colleagues at work - comrades-in-arms, allies, like-minded people. Don't be naive: in our time, every competitor and rival to everyone. Everyone wants to stand out, get a promotion, a bonus - and the amount of resources, as you understand, is limited. Remember the words from the song: "There are never enough gingerbread for everyone."

Therefore, keep your distance, communicate formally, do not blab too much, because everything you say can someday be used against you.

Just in case, collect dirt on the sly: who violated the instructions, was late, made a mistake, and so on. When the situation escalates, you will have "trump cards" in your hands

However, not communicating with anyone heart to heart is boring. The best remedy for boredom is, of course, romance. Wasting no time, look around, find a suitable candidate and get down to business. Office romance brings a lot of emotions! It is necessary to seduce a passion, and to conspire so that colleagues do not guess. As you remember, the office romance in the movie of the same name has a happy ending - in real life, it often happens the same way. Well, in your free time from flirting, you can do work, although most of it is better to delegate to subordinates.

Bad advice 4

Subordinates? “Be equal! Attention!"

People are lazy and tend to evade work ("work is not a wolf, it will not run away into the forest"). Therefore, it is necessary to show severity and rigidity to subordinates: they must know that they must give their best, there will be no concessions.

In personnel management, the stick is much more effective than the carrot. Feel free to make comments, point out flaws, punish mistakes. Remember: public harassment is much better than a face-to-face conversation.

As you know, “to promise is not to marry”: promise a prize for special achievements, and then explain that “there is no money, but you are great.” And, without wasting time, report your success to your superiors, attributing it to yourself.

Maintain strict discipline in your department. Record the time of arrival, departure, breaks, lateness. When an employee dares to ask for a salary increase, you will, with facts in hand, justify why there will be no increase.

Do not be afraid that many subordinates will break down and quit. Firstly, the most persistent and reliable will remain, and secondly, “a holy place is never empty”: the personnel department will always find applicants for a vacant position.